Virtual Orientation program for first-year Post Graduate students

Post Graduate Centre of SDM Collge, Ujire conducted a virtual Orientation program for the first year PG students of the academic year 2020-2021 on 16 December 2020 through the Cisco WebEx online platform. 

Delivering the Orientation address, Dr. B Yashovarma, Secretary, SDME Society said, there are mainly two types of education, highly certified education and highly educated education. Even though certified education is necessary to elicit the basic academic degree, skill-oriented education is necessary to earn good occupation skills. SDM College is one of the colleges which make the students highly educated and skillful resources.  

He enlightened the students by referring to the four pillars of education, put forward by Jacques Delores. The four parameters of education are the most influential concepts which are essential to sustain human development. ‘Learning to learn’ is the quality which is very important to enrich ourselves and the opportunity to work in-depth and in a systematic way. ‘Learning to do’ is the practical application of what we have learned. ‘Learning to be’ is a kind of quality consciousness like punctuality, promptness, etc. And lastly, ‘Learning to live together’ is an important aspect to develop an understanding of others and to maintain a good social life. 

Dr. S. Satheeshchandra, Principal, SDM College Ujire, gave a brief introduction about all the facilities and opportunities available at the institute.  He added that the learning at SDM College is not teacher-oriented rather it is student-centered. The classrooms here have been transformed into discussion rooms, encouraging two-way communication at the sessions. He also added that,  no matter what facilities are available, its values increase only when students utilize them completely. The student’s life is most crucial in deciding the rest of the life, so if a student works hard in this stage he/she can be successful at the further stages of life. 

Dr. Vishwanath P, Dean PG Studies, SDM PG Centre, Ujire gave a glimpse of the PG Centre and various facilities and resources available.

Dr. Vandana Jain, HOD,  Department of Psychology, welcomed the gathering, Mr.Suveer Jain, Assistant Professor, PG Department of Social Work proposed vote of thanks. Ms. Nefisath P., Assistant Professor, PG Department of Chemistry was the master of the ceremony. HODs, faculty members of all the departments, and nearly 215 first-year students were present.