US patent granted to Dr. Nefisath P and Dr. Shashiprabha

Chemistry research receives global recognition with prestigious American patent for SDM College professors Ujire. Dr. Nefisath P., Associate Professor and Dr. Shashiprabha, Assistant Professor of the PG Chemistry Department have been awarded a prestigious American patent for their research. This marks the first time that SDM College has been granted an American patent, a significant accomplishment for the institution. The American patent holds special significance over patents from other countries, highlighting the esteemed status of the research conducted at the Post Graduate Center of SDM College’s Chemistry department.

The research conducted by Dr. Nefisath P and Dr. Shashiprabha focused on "Benzylidene Derivatives of Finobam as Anti-inflammatory Agents." Their work is crucial in providing practical guidance for the expansion of therapeutic benefits aimed at alleviating bodily ailments. The findings of this research have significant implications for the medical field, particularly in refining treatment methods and products, and have consequently earned the esteemed recognition of an American patent. The protection of the American patent secured for a period of 20 years in collaboration with King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia, underscores the enduring impact of the specific research outcomes. The intellectual property rights associated with the discoveries, applications, and commercialization rights rest with the two professors from the college.

These findings are anticipated to shape future innovative research endeavors, production, usage, and commercialization, thereby influencing others within the American patent jurisdiction. Dr. Vishwanatha P., Dean, PG Studies and Head of the Department of PG Studies & Research in Chemistry, expressed pride in the accomplishment of Dr. Nefisath P and Dr. Shashiprabha. He remarked, "The attainment of global recognition through an American patent is a matter of great pride. The achievements of these Professors set a new standard for future research endeavors and innovations."

Sri Harshendra Kumar and Dr. Satheeshchandra S., Secretaries,  SDM Educational Society (R), Ujire along with Dr. B. A. Kumaa Hegde, Principal of SDM College, commended the Professors’ achievements, recognizing their significant contribution to academic excellence and research advancement.