Suicide Prevention Awareness Program

A suicide prevention awareness program was held at SDM College in Ujire on September 15. The program was organized by the college’s psychology department. The program was inaugurated by Malvika S., the head of the Sanidya Skill Training Centre in Ujire. She expressed concern over the increasing rate of suicide among youth and children.

"Suicide is not the solution to anything," she said. "It is a serious mental health issue. We need to address the underlying causes of suicide and help people who are struggling." She also urged parents and society to not discriminate against children with special needs. She said that such discrimination can have a negative impact on the children’s mental health.

The students of the psychology department introduced themselves to the younger students and welcomed them to the department. The program was presided over by Dr. Vandana Jain, head of the psychology department at the college. Dr. Sudheer K.V., a professor in the department, and other professors and students were present.

Students Sravya welcomed the guests, Varsha thanked them, and Anupriya and Ridhisha hosted the program. In addition to the awareness program, the psychology department also held a series of other activities, including a poster competition and a talk on the importance of mental health.