Dr. Ganaraja K

Assistant Professor and Head
  • M A, M Phil, Ph.D, KSET
  • Courses Taught : B A, B Com, M.A Economics
  • Area of Expertise : Managerial Economics, Development Economics, Indian Economy Quantitative techniques in Economics
  • Academic Experience - 15 Years

Contact Details

email : gkuntikana@gmail.com

Research Details

Completed UGC Minor Research Project

  • MRP(H)- 0852/13-14/KAMA009/ UGC-SWRO “Implications of Price Fluctuation on Arecanut Growers A Study in Dakshina Kannada District”
  • Ph.D – Completed.


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Paper Presented

  • Ganaraja. K.  2013. Urban Microfinance in India- A Pitiable Plight. Role of Microfinance as a Means of Sustainable Development. SDM College of Business Management, Mangalore. 11th and 12th January.
  • Ganaraja. K.  2014. Arecanut Price Fluctuations in Dakshina Kannada: An Overview. Challenges & Strategies for Enhancing Agricultural Marketing. SDM College Ujire. 21st January.
  • Ganaraja. K.  2014. Current Issues in Indian Agriculture- Issues and Challenges. An Overview of Arecanut Price Fluctuations in Karnataka. Rani Chennamma University, Belagavi. 30th & 31st October.
  • Ganaraja. K.  2015. An Overview of Literacy Rate in Karnataka.Literacy and Development. SDM College, Ujire.  21st January.
  • Ganaraja. K.  2015. PMJDY: A Step towards Financial Inclusion. ‘New Age Banking in India: Issues and Challenges.Tumkur University, Tumkur. 25th April.
  • Ganaraja. K.  2015. Arecanut Price Fluctuation in Dakshina Kannada: A Step towards Sustainability. Global Economic Growth and Sustainability. SDMIMD, Mysore on 20th& 21st November.
  • Ganaraja. K.  2016. Financial Literacy and Inclusive Growth. Inclusive Growth: Challenges and Strategies. Department of Economics, S.D.M College in collaboration with Mangalore University Economics Association. 12th February.
  • Ganaraja. K.  2016. Micro Finance and Business Correspondent Model in India: An Overview. Microfinance with special reference to Business Correspondent Model in Financial Inclusion and Empowering the Vulnerable. Department of Economics, S.D.M College in collaboration with RUDSETI, S.K.D.R.D.P and Mangalore University Economics Association. 23rd March.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2017. A Comparative Analysis of Trends in Area, Production and Productivity of Arecanut. Land Economy: Issues and Challenges. Sri Mahaveera College, Moodbidri.  20th& 21st January.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2018. Price Stabilisation for Sustainable AgriculturalDevelopment  with special reference to Arecanut. Issues and Challenges of Sustainable Agricultural Development. Dept of P.G. Studies and Research in Economics, S.D.M. College, Ujire.26th March.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2018. Challenges of Diversity Management in Education: Going beyond Curriculum. Diversity Management: Views from India & Europe. CIRHS, Dept of MSW & Dept of MCJ,SDMPG Centre, Ujire. 26th& 27thOctober.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. An overview of Literacy Rate in Karnataka. Social Development in India: Challenges and Strategies. Dept of Economics, SDM College, Ujire and Dept of Development Studies, Kannada University, Hampi in association with Mangalore University Economics Association and HaMaNaResearch Centre, Ujire. 21st January.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. A Study of Agricultural Finance with special focus on KCC. Indian Banking in the Era of Globalisation and Information Technology. Milagres College, Kallianpur.15thMarch.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. Pedagogy for Fostering Civic Education in India: A Study. Civic Education. Dept of MSW at SDMPG Centre, Ujire. 19th& 20thSeptember.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. Sustainable Traditional Practices in Education for Societal Well-being. Indigenization of Social Sciences in India. RSVP in association with Tumkur University. 13th to 15thDecember.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. Role of CAMPCO in Price Stabilization: A Case Study of Arecanut. Indian Economy in Transition: Prospects and Challenges of Co-operatives.University College Mangalore.19th& 20th February.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2020. Sustainable Traditional Practices in Education for Societal Well-being: A Study. COVID-19 Challenges and Opportunities. Wisdom Abode Society, India in association with International Educators Group, USA. 14th June.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2022. FDI inflows to Tourism Industry in India: A Step towards Athmanirbharbharath. Atmanirbhar Bharat: Opportunities for Empowering India. Dept of Studies and Research in Economics, Tumkur University, Tumakuru, 29th and 30th April.


Participation in seminars/workshops/conferences/conventions:

  • Ganaraja. K. 2012. Culture and Society, Transformation, Challenges and Strategies. Dept. of Studies and Research in Sociology, Tumkur University Tumkur. 08th December.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2013. Relevance of Mechanism Design and Game Theory in Modern Economic Analysis.Karnataka State Higher Education Council, Bangalore. 10th January.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2013. Methodologies in Research Articles Writing. SDM College Ujire. 25th and 26th January.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2013. Development in Rights Language. Hampi University in association with Dr. Ha Ma Na Research Centre& Dept of Economics, SDM College Ujire. 19th to 21st March.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2014. Maternal and Child Health Care in India; Issues, Concerns and Policy Initiatives. Institute of Economic Research and Population Research Centre, Dharwad. 22nd& 23rd May.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2014. Challenges Related to Adolescents- A Public Health Issue. SDM College, Ujire, on 26th August.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2014. Save Agriculture, Serve Agriculture-Encouraging the Youth. Vivekananda College, Puttur. 18th September.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2014. Idea of Nationalism in India- Historical, Cultural, Economic and Political Trends. Sri Mahaveera College, Moodbidri, on 5th& 6th September.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2015. Farmers Suicide-Issues and Measures. VCRS and the Department of Economics, Vivekananda College, Puttur. 23rd September.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2015. Recent Trends in Statistical Inference and Data Analysis. Department of Statistics, SDM College, Ujire. 30th and 31st October.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2016. Research Project Proposal writing. IRHS and PG Department of Social Work, SDM PG Centre, Ujire. 23rd and 24th, September.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2017. 25 Years of Economic Reforms: Issues and Challenges. Tumkur University, Tumkuru, on 22nd April.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2018. Corporate Social Responsibility. MSW department, SDM PG centre, Ujire.08th March.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2018. Research Writing in Social. Mangalore University Economics Association and Pg Dept of Economics SDM PG Centre. 3rd November.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. Intellectual Property Rights IPR and Patent. SDM PG Centre, Ujire.27th March.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. ‘FEEL Teacher’ Learning and Development Intervention. SDM College, Ujire, conducted by College for Leadership and HRD, Mangaluru. 07th to 09th June.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. Banking before and after Nationalism Dept of Economics, St Aloysius College, Mangalore. 19th July.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. New Education Policy. SDM College, Ujire. 29th July.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2019. STRIDE Project Preparation. SDM PG Centre, Ujire. 19th August.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2020. Economics of Lord Mahavira. Department of Economics, SDM College, Ujire in association with Kannada University, Hampi, SDM HaMaNa Research Centre, Ujire and Jain Milan, Belthangady held at Sri SiddavanaGurukula, Ujire. 21st January.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2021. Faculty Development Programme on Stress Management. ICT Academy on 23rd March 2021 to 27th March.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2021. 4-week Faculty Induction Programme for “Faculty in Universities/Colleges/Institutions of Higher Education. Teaching Learning Centre, Ramanujan College, University of Delhi under the aegis of Ministry of Education. 16th April to 15th May.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2022. Orientation Program for Economics Teachers of Mangalore University on Mathematical Economics. Mangalore University Economics Association & Dept of Economics, GFGCW, Balmata, Mangalore. 29th September to 01stOctober.
  • Ganaraja. K. 2022.31st Refresher Course in Economics. UGC-Human Resource Development Centre, University of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysuru. 07th to 20th October.


  • Served as NSS Programme Officer
  • Serving as member of Grievance Redressal Cell and member of Students’ Welfare Committee
  • Conferred Doctor of Philosophy in Economics by Tumkur University on the topic entitled “An Economic Analysis of Arecanut Price Fluctuation on its growers: a case study of Dakshina Kannada District” under the guidance of Dr. Vilas M Kadrolkar, Professor of Economics, PGDSR in Economics, Tumkur University, Tumkuru.