Literary Creativity Essential, Emphasizes Professor Venkappa

Professor Venkappa K., the retired head of the English department at SDM College, stressed the necessity of nurturing literary creativity amidst the prevailing dominance of artificial intelligence and technological knowledge.

Speaking at the national seminar on "Theatre Texts at Crossroads: East-West Encounter" organized by the English department of the college today (Mar. 16), Professor Venkappa inaugurated the event. "Theatre is a unique form of literature. Writing plays is not as straightforward as composing prose, spoetry, or essays. It requires deep contemplation and careful crafting. Understanding how it connects with people is crucial, and language plays a pivotal role here. While artificial intelligence can aid in translating and adapting plays, there is no guarantee that the translated works will retain their essence," he remarked.

Renowned writer Girish Karnad himself used to translate and adapt plays into English. Professor Venkappa suggested that modern technology should be utilized to aid creativity, emphasizing the importance of preserving the authenticity of literary works. Dr. B. A. Kumar Hegde, Vice Principal of SDM College, presided over the program. Notable personalities like Dr. Joseph Koippally from the Central University of Kerala and Dr. Avinash T. from S.V. Arts College, Shivamogga, were present. Over 40 representatives from various colleges participated in the seminar.

Dr. Gajanana R. Bhat, Head of the English department, extended a warm welcome to the attendees. The program coordinator and English professor, Suryanarayana Bhat, expressed gratitude. Additional coordinators, Professor Vignesh Aital and Assistant Professor Shubharani P. S., were also acknowledged.