Workshop on ‘Counselling strategy’ Conducted at SDM Center

Counselling staratagy

A workshop on ‘Counselling strategy’ was conducted at the SDM Postgraduate Center here in collaboration with the Kateel Ashok Pai Memorial Institute. The workshop took place on March 18 and 19. Assistant professors Hani  and Ananya, both alumni of SDM, led the workshop. They elucidated various techniques for conducting intimate discussions amidst mental challenges.

They emphasized the importance of gaining comprehensive insights from individuals experiencing psychological turmoil. They stressed the need for subtle understanding and fostering trust to facilitate candid discussions, ensuring fruitful outcomes.

Hani introduced methodologies for ‘Counselling strategy’. She illustrated the significance of empathy through visual aids, urging students to empathize, appreciate, and understand the depth of empathy. Dr. Vandana Jain, head of the Department of Psychology, graced the occasion. Tejaswini welcomed the participants, Arya expressed gratitude, and Stincy summarized the event.