Welcoming 2020!

The students of SDM College Ujire welcomed the new year 2020 in a unique way by taking an oath that they shall strive to be the best possible citizens of the country, and that they shall abide by all rules and regulations. Over 2,500 students of the college pledged to be socially responsible, to assure cleanliness all around, to conserve water, electricity and food, and remain resistant towards addictive habits.

Also, five mascots happily loitered around the college, wishing and hugging everyone a happy new year and allowing students and faculty some memorable selfies. Students also created a massive floral rangoli at the entrance in welcome of the year. An ‘experience corner’ was created at the entrance, where students penned down the best and worst experiences of 2019 for reminiscence. A wall magazine tracing the special achievements of the college and students in 2019 was released at the occasion.