Ujire SDM College NSS: Awardees honored

The NSS unit of SDM College in Ujire, Karnataka, was awarded the Best NSS Unit State Award (2021-22) recently. In recognition of this achievement, the college held an honoring ceremony for the awardees on November 8

The ceremony was held at the college’s auditorium and was attended by NSS unit members, faculty, and staff. The college’s principal, Dr. B.A. Kumar Hegde, and former NSS program officer Dr. Lakshminarayana K.S., who received the award for Best Program Officer, were honored at the ceremony.

In his speech, Dr. Hegde congratulated the NSS unit for its achievement. He said that NSS helps students develop their leadership skills and provides them with opportunities to serve their communities. Dr. Lakshminarayana spoke about his experiences as a NSS program officer. He said that he was grateful for the opportunity to work with NSS students and that he was proud of their achievements.