Students’ visit to Sri Dharmasthala Culture Research Foundation

Optional Kannada students of the college recently visited the Sri Dharmasthala Culture Research Foundation and viewed the ancient work, the collection of palm trees.
Foundation Director Dr. Vighnaraj explained the genealogy of Indian scripts to the students. He told about the origin of Brahmi, Kharosthi, Sharada, Assamese, Devanagari, Punjabi, Tulu, Kannada and other scripts. He showed the students the manuscript of poems of famous writers like Shivarama Karanta, Govinda Pai, poems of ancient poets like Kumaravyasa, Ratnakaravarni, about 350 palm tree bundles on Ayurveda, old files of Dharmasthala Manjunatha Swamy Temple.Foundation staff Dr. Pawan Bhatt, Lingappa Gowda, Mamata and Pooja gave additional information. Later, the students visited Dr. Virendra Heggade. Heggade told the concerned to provide the books liked by the students in the research foundation in the college library. Kannada professor of the college Dr. Diwakar Kokkada, Navneet Kumar and Mahesh were there.