‘Jalli Kallu’ ; poetry collection launch at SDM

The gifted writers contribute models that perceive society differently from their unique perspectives Sonia Varma opined. She was speaking in a program was recently organized by the Department of Journalism at the Samyagdarshan Sabha Bhavan of the college. she spoke as the chief guest at the launch of college library Staff Sadananda B. third work ‘Jalli Kallu’ (poetry collection).

“She analysed that writers who handle the responsibility of creating literature by looking at life with emotions differently have the power to build poetry and narrative in a way that guides the society.Literature is good for those who have love and affection in their heart. He shows various images of life through his poems and stories. The value of life is reflected through their literature, she said

Secretary of Educational Institutions Dr. Satishchandra S. Speaking of releasing a collection of poetry, the lyrics are mature enough to evoke new meanings according to the reader’s feelings and thoughts. It is for this reason that it creates a sense of well-being in the reader. Pulls through its essence. That is how literature increases the love of life in the readers, he said.

“Those who are intellectually hungry get the power to create literature. He gives something new through his literature. It is for this reason that their growth is brighter than all others. Sadananda B. Mundaje had an intellectual appetite within him that prepared him for innovative poetic power. The specialty of this poetic power is presented through his poetry collection.

College Principal Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty presided the programme and said that creative talents increase the pride of the educational institution they represent. “Sadananda B. “Mundaje’s multi-faceted, talented personality is an important asset to the organization,”.

Ramakrishna Bhat Chokkadi, headmaster of the high school Belalu, said, “If we don’t have difficulties, challenges and ups and downs in our lives, we will fail. Talent is formed along with a creative personality when every achiever engages in daily exploration. In a similar way, Sadananda B. “Mundaje Kusuma has woven a beautiful garland of poetry,” he said.

The author of the work is Sadananda B. Speaking, Mundaje said that various feelings of life experience took the form of poetry collection.

Head of Journalism Department Dr. Bhaskar Hegde was present. Jayashree welcomed the students and Divyashri thanked them. Narrated by Sanjay.