SDM ‘Jhenkaar’ Anuual Mega feat kick started

SDM Jhenkaar, National Level Educational and Cultural Fest inaugurated in SDM PG centre with the participation of 50 colleges in and around the state and over 800 students.

Speaking on the occasion Prof. A.M Khan, Registrar Mangalore University said, ‘the required quality of youth – 3D’S – Devotion, Dedication and Determination has been replaced into Distraction, Diversions and Divisions. The immediate challenge before youth of our Nation is overcome these problems’

‘Youth as power of the country has many challenges. With the blessings of elders youth must look at what is laying ahead them and carry forward their personality. Being educated one should stand far from others. The maturity we imbibe in our personality after getting education adds value to our personality’ said Prof. Khan.

‘Maturity does not reflect in how tech savvy we are or what we wear. To embody the qualities of maturity in a capsule we can refer to vowels- ‘AIEOU’, wherein ‘A’ stand for positive attitude,’ ‘I’ for intelligence to understand the situation and analyse it, ‘E’ for empathy to listen others and be human, ‘O’ for open in mind and heart to discuss, debate and argue and ‘ U’ stands for understanding the people and situation’ he added.

Chief Guest of the occasion Mr, Yuvaraja Jain, Chairman, Innovative learning foundation said, ‘We come with empty hands and go with empty hands. However we should leave our footprints by the virtue of our personality. We cannot change our future, but we can change our habit and in turn it can change our personality and world around’.

Presiding over the inaugural function Dr. B. Yashovarma, Secretary SDME Society noted that’ Youthfulness cannot be defined as physical youthfulness, it is mental youthfulness. No physical remedy can help to stay young. If you want to be youthful no physical remedies can help you and only medicine is keeping our mind alert and young.

‘Every human being born with some talents, but our education system steers our students away from inborn talents.  The established misconception is that, success can be achieved with defined path of schooling. However to be successful we should choose the path what we love’, he added.

Principal of the college Prof. S. Satheeshchandra welcomed the gathering. The dean of PG Studies, Prof. B. Ganapayya proposed the vote of thanks.

The two days National educational and cultural festival comprises competition like Symphony, Spot photography, Quiz, JAM, Mock CID, Youth on ramp, Mr. and Mrs. Jhenkaar, Gully Cricket, Speak for Nation and Recent Remix – Just dance.