Science and humanities integration can lead to breakthrough achievements, says ISRO official, Dr. B.H.M. Darukesha

The integration of science and humanities can lead to breakthrough achievements in India’s educational and industrial sectors, said Dr. B.H.M. Darukesha, the co-director of ISRO in Bengaluru.

He was speaking at an event to welcome newly admitted postgraduate students to the S.D.M. Postgraduate Centre in Ujire. "Both science and humanities academic fields should move forward with mutual collaboration," he said. "Humanities students can also find professional opportunities in the science field with their special interests and curiosity."

Dr. Satishchandra S., the secretary of the S.D.M. Educational Institutions, the main guest at the event, advised students to develop their academic knowledge and practical application skills to find solutions to the challenges they face in the competitive world. Dr. B.A. Kumar Hegde, the principal of S.D.M. College, urged students to dedicate their postgraduate studies to expanding their knowledge and skills.

The program was welcomed by Dr. S.N. Kakatkar, the vice-principal of S.D.M. College, Dr. Vishwanath P., the dean of the S.D.M. Postgraduate Centre, gave the vote of thanks. The programme was presented by Dr. Nefisath and Mrs.Swathi.