Life Skills Education for Sustainable Development

Ujire, December 6, 2023 – Dr. B.A. Kumar Hegde, principal of S.D.M. College in Ujire, said that the continuous learning of life skills and the sustainable management of mental health are the only things that can help in long-term professionalism.He was speaking at the inauguration of a one-day skill development workshop on “Life Skills Education for Sustainable Development” organized by the Department of Social Work at the S.D.M. Post-Graduate Centre in Ujire on Tuesday.”Life skills and mental health are two eyes for the students. There is a possibility of facing unexpected situations when working with people. There is no guarantee that you will get the job you like. You have to walk honestly in the path shown by life,” he said.”To be successful in any profession, one needs to have physical, mental, and emotional stability. Along with maintaining fitness, one must also have time management skills. A successful social worker may have to communicate with people from different backgrounds. At that time, communication skills, patience, and humility can help,” he advised.The resource person, Kolkata-based psychologist Sumit Dutt, spoke on the topic. Head of the Department of Social Work Dr. Ravishankar and Assistant Professor Atul were present. Assistant Professor Akshata Karanth welcomed and spoke on the introductory note. Students Ashwini welcomed and Shahid Afridi hosted the program.