Inauguration of student union activities at SDM

Today’s age is smart age, smart work is necessary along with hard work moving ahead by using the opportunities properly is the real smart work said JCI Senator Saujanya Hegde,
She spoke as a resource person at the inauguration of student association activities at College recently.“Success is possible if passions are followed diligently. Don’t ignore the education sector in the path of future,” she said to the students.

Speaking at the inauguration of the program, the Secretary of SDM Educational Institutions Dr.Satishchandra S., Creative works can only be done with divergent thinking power. He said that love of life is essential to lead a good life. College Principal Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty preached the oath to the student representatives. The guests released the experimental episode of ‘Chiguru’ brought out by the Department of Journalism. A photo journal created by the final journalism students about the event caught the attention of the guests. Mahesh Shetty, assistant professor in Economics welcomed and student Rajeshwari Nejikar proposed of vote of thanks. Shravan, Mahima and Shravya narrated the program.