Inauguration of SDM Instrumentation Research Centre

SDM has set up a state-of-the-art laboratory ‘Instrumentation Center for Research’ established by SDM Post Graduate Center with the aim of providing students with practical knowledge that complements researches as per the demand of industrial sectors. Secretary of the SDM Educational Soceity, D. Harshendra Kumar launched it on Monday.
This laboratory has been set up at a total cost of Rs 52 lakhs. The Department of Science and Technology of the Central Government has provided Rs.21.50 lakhs for this. 30.50 lakhs has been allocated by SDM Institution. The laboratory will complement the practical studies of post graduate and research students in Chemistry, Physics and Biotechnology.

Various organizations in the industrial sector are prioritizing innovations to meet market expectations. Keeping this in mind, the laboratory here has been designed. Here is a technical instrument called Flash Chromatograph that helps in measuring the purity of products during organic chemistry research. Another technical tool here is ‘Electoçà Chemical Workstation’ which helps to carry out comprehensive study of sensors and batteries. A technical instrument called Visible Stectoçà Photometer is complementary to measure the qualitative and quantitative quality of materials used in research.

Speaking after inaugurating this laboratory, Secretary of SDM Society. Hashendra Kumar said that more attention should be paid towards finding the professional capacity expected by the industrial sector.Be engaged in learning with curiosity to learn new things. This kind of curiosity and learning can lead to professional skills that can complement financial gain in the future. He said that it is through such ability that the professional personality expected by the industry sector can be formed.

Parents provide financial support during student life. Step into the reading season with an innovative, exploratory mindset, and the path to financial self-sufficiency will shine by itself. By engaging in the research activities of the state-of-the-art laboratory initiated by the Department of Chemistry of the SDM Post Graduate Center, one can become a professional required by the industry.

On this occasion, Dr.Satishchandra S, Secretary of SDM Educational institutions, Principal of the College, Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty and Dean of Postgraduate Studies CenterDr. Vishwanath P, heads of various departments of the college were present. Dean of Science departments of college Dr. Kumar Hegde narrated the program.