Chemistry in Daily Life

On 11 th February 2020, the Department of Chemistry organized an invited lecture “Chemistry in
Everyday Life” by Dr Irishi.N.N.Namboothiri, Professor, Department of Chemistry, IIT Bombay.
Professor gave a broad view of chemistry, chemicals and chemical processes involved in our daily
life. He explained how chemistry is embedded in every aspect of life. Later he gave a gist of research
work carried by his team. Professor also gave some inputs to the students about the opportunities of
higher education in IITs, eligibility criteria related exams. He motivated them to look for bigger
career opportunities. About 200 students of I and II B.Sc Chemistry were present in the session. Dr.
Vishwanatha P, Head of the Department, Prof. B. Shivarama Holla, Professor in the PG Department
of Chemistry, SDM PG Centre and all the members of the faculty of the department of Chemistry
were present. The programme was held under the banner of Star College Scheme of Department of
Biotechnology, Government of India.