NSS Programme – Govigaagi Meevu,Neji Naati

The team ‘Baduku Kattona Banni’ Ujire and Rotary Club Belthangadi in collaboration with NSS Volunteers of SDM College participated in a special programme called “Govigagi Meevu,Neeji Nati” held at Ujire. This is the second year of Neji Planting programme of the Baduku Kattona Banni team. 95 NSS volunteers got the experience of Neji Planting. An informative workshop on paddy cultivation was also organised, NSS programme officer of the college Dr. Lakshminarayan K.S. was present. The Harvest Neji Planting programme was held in Paduvettu Bail in a a 5 acre paddy field started with the traditional rituals. The purpose of this is to introduce the dying rice cultivation and related rituals to the youth and to give more emphasis to agriculture. The crop grown here was offered to Ujire Sri Janardana Swamy Temple, hollow stacks were given to Nandagokula Goshala in Kalenja.