Completion of 120 days of harvesting; ‘Battadotsaha’

In order to provide students with practical knowledge about paddy cultivation, ‘Battadotsaha’ program was organized by ‘SasyaSourabha’ association of the Botany Department concluded on November 5.
On July 2, this innovative program was launched in the traditional style of Tulunad, with the display of agricultural implements and the backdrop of ‘Pardana’. The students planted 30 days old seedlings of ‘Kaje Jaya’ in 205 polybags and nurtured them organically. As part of this initiative to integrate experience and learning into the curriculum, the students observed the daily growth of paddy and filmed various stages of its growth in different regional languages ​​for educational documentation. This innovative project ‘Battadotsaha’ was formed at the cost of approximately 8,000 Rs and was implemented under the supervision of the professors of Botany Department of the college.

Now, after 120 days of harvesting, the students have got about 5 kg of paddy and 25 bundles of stems of grain. Professor RatnaIrasinghaof Botany Department of Dharwad J.S.S. college,, inaugurated this harvesting work event. At this time professorYogeesh Kumar of Bhuvanendra College, Karkala.,Prof. Dr.Sudham ID S.G.  Government College,Chikmagalur, owner of Bio Edge Solutions, Bangalore. Dr. Shruti S.D.,Dr.Verina Rodriguez of  St. Joseph’s University, Bangalore was present. Head of Botany Department of the SDM College Dr. Kumar Hegde B.A., Professor Ganesh V. Shandai, Abhilash and others contributed to this event with their participation.