SDM faculty bags Young Scientist Award


The Science & Technology Awards are established by Education Expo TV (EET) CRS, a
research & branding independent organization serving since 2011. The Science &
Technology Awards launched to give recognition to academicians, researchers, scientists &
professionals working in science & technology field across the globe.
The Science & Technology Awards objective is to identify and award outstanding
contributions in science & technology. The evaluation criteria followed by Science &
Technology Awards panel based on the parameters like research paper written as first author,
review & article published books & chapters written as first author & edited, PI ship of
projects, seminar organized, invited talks given, Radio/TV talks, popular articles published,
patent filed & consultancy project undertaken etc.

9 th Science & Technology Awards- 20 was recently announced on 30th May 2020, in which
Mrs. Prarthana. J ,H.O.D & BiSEP Course co Ordinator was announced with Young Scientist
Award by honourable jury members of Education Expo.