The ‘Wall of Goodwill’

A unique initiative named the ‘Wall of Goodwill’ was inaugurated at SDM College Ujire on the 23rd of August. Maatrushree Hemavathi Heggade, unveiling the wall, stated “Like the divinity that functions undercover, may the Wall of Goodwill be an anonymous source of goodwill at SDM. May the giver remain humble, and the taker sustain his self regard.”

The Wall of Goodwill has been inaugurated with an intention of helping the flood affected villages in the long run. Students and residents of the vicinity can also make use of it. The Secretary of SDME Society, Dr. B Yashovarma and Sonia Yashovarma were present at the occasion.

Here are the guidelines to using the Wall of Goodwill –

  •        The wall is here as an open space for big hearted people to spread some happiness and make lives easier for the rest. Everyone is welcome to make use of it, to give or to take.
  • You can leave your old clothes, stationary, bags, or books in one of the shelves. Please make sure you leave nice things, because people who find them necessary would take it from here and make use of it. Of course, generosity to leave behind new things will be much appreciated!
  • Please leave your old clothes in folded and ironed state. Let all the materials you leave behind be in good condition so that they are actually taken away and used.
  • Kindly refrain from leaving behind perishable items such as food. Or even footwear or materials of one-time use.
  • Anyone who finds anything interesting or necessary here is free to take them. But please ensure that you take a maximum of two items only. Let’s give everyone a chance!
  •       The wall will be here for a while. Go home, pack some nice things that you may not use again, leave them here and feel great about having made a contribution. All things I collect here will reach appreciating hands.