SDM Alumni Meet

“Those who have identified with culture of reading will play an important role in the development of society”, said, Prof. Prabhakar Shishila on the occasion of annual get-together of SDM Alumni, organised by Old Students Association of the College on 1 May 2019. “Education motivates a man to achieve greater success in life, it inspires to think about new things in life and helps to build good career”, he added. He also said that the annual get together helped to recollect all the memories that they had with the College and that was mesmerising to watch the participation of alumni who were the achievers in various filed.  Dr. B. Yashovarma, Secretary, SDME Society (R), Ujire addressed the gathering and said, “Extracurricular activities undertaken during the college days bring betterment in life along with classroom studies and it helps to face all kinds of challenges and difficulties in life. One cannot expect the quality where there is monotony. When we work with a purpose of finding a new path, digressing the monotony, one can reach the zenith of success and SDM institution is recognized with such excellence in all the fields”, he added. Sri Gurunath Prabhu, Vice President of SDM Old Students’ Association was present on the occasion.