Media in need of a new dimension

“Mass media has fallen prey to the market driven idels of modern society and is in dire need of a new dimension based on professional ethics”, said the Editor of Thungabhadra news portal, Veerendra PM. He was addressing the attendees of a webiner hosted by the department of Journalism of SDMC Ujire, in order to release a book authrored by one of its faculty members Dr. NK Padmanabh.

Dr. NK Padmanabh has authored a book titled ‘Suddi Samvidhaana’ (the constitution of news) which was released by Bhasker Hegde, the HOD of department of Journalism in the presence of Veerendra PM. Mr.Hegde proposed that the book is a necessary and successful manual for the upcoming media generation to comprehend the ethical foundations of mass media.

All department faculty and students took part in the webinar.