Breakthroughs in Biotechnology Research: Dr. B. A. Kumar Hegde

Dr. B. A. Kumar Hegde,Principal of Ujire S.D.M. College, highlighted the significance of research endeavors exploring the intricate aspects within the cellular structure, indicating their potential implications in healthcare and various other domains. Speaking at an event inaugurated at the SDM Center for Postgraduate Studies in Biotechnology and Research, Dr. Hegde emphasized the need for aligning scientific research with clinical perspectives.

The center organized a day-long seminar titled "Molecular Docking (Drug Design)" to delve into the latest advancements in science and technology. Dr. Vishwanath P., Dean of the SDM Center for Postgraduate Studies, addressed the audience, stressing the importance of students integrating medical insights into their research pursuits amidst the evolving landscape of scientific inquiry.

Dr. Ramit Ramu, a distinguished figure from JSS College, Mysuru, graced the occasion alongside the mainstays of the Biotechnology and Research Department, welcoming the participants. Dr. Sudarshan P. Vandis, the program coordinator, outlined the itinerary for the day. Noteworthy presence included Dr. Prarthana.Head of the department, Dr. Manoj and Dr. Girish Kumar, faculty members of the department, along with enthusiastic students actively participating in the seminar.