B.Voc courses at SDM launch various student projects

B.Voc projects

B.Voc courses at SDM launch various student projects Launches include 9 start-ups, 12 applications, 1 web series and 1 movie title

B.Voc departments in Digital Media & Film Making, Retail & Supply Chain Management and Software & App Development launched a number of student initiatives by the students of B.Voc in all three streams. The Commissioner of Mangaluru Police, Mr. Shashi Kumar delivered the inaugural address at this event.

9 start-ups by the students of Retail & Supply Chain Management were launched by Dr. Satheeshchandra S, former Principal of SDM College Ujire who presided over the event. The start-ups are designed and managed by the students which include –

Ad Square – a third party marketing and branding agency that offers services including branding, photography and videography, digital marketing, sales promotions and public relations to clients.

Artsy shoppy – a retail outlet designed by students where you can buy gift products, women’s ornanments, mens’ and women’s wear, and customized presents.

Elegant hive – a custom design shop promoting handmade local artisanship where you can shop for customized embroidery gifts, resin products and handmade decorative products.

BVoc cart – an e commerce store whose digital destinations are designed by the students of Retail and supply chain management. This e commerce store deals with clothes, footwear, accessories and artworks.

Moments with memories – an event management company that takes up events from birthdays to anniversaries, facilitates the entire event’s on goings and makes all events memorable.

Sweet layers – a homemade food bakery that delivers eateries on demand such as cakes, cookies, bread, sweets, spicy snacks and veg rolls.

RJ Links – a sole proprietorship start-up that deals with spices, pepper and condiments.

DM events – an event management start-up that takes up major events like weddings, large parties, and offers services including event documentation, hosting, catering and vehicles for hire including Audi, Contessa and Padmini.

New Look – a fashion brand that deals with t shirts, cotton shirts, pants and wallets at reasonable prices, especially aiming at student strength as the primary target audience.

12 mobile applications designed by the students of Software & App Development were launched by Executive Officer of SDME Society, Mr. MY Harish. The applications include –

ApnaKhata – a free staff attendance and payroll management android app developed using Java, XML languages. It can be used by owners and employees according to their perspectives.

CareMee – a chatting app used by a doctor and patients where doctor can chat with all the patients but patients can only chat with their consult doctor and patient have to pay fees while registration process to chat with doctor and in this app they can share images also.

eduTracker – an online education app through which students can avail certificate courses.

Student Feedback System – The project contains feedback given to the faculties to improve their teaching. This project has developed by using Xml,Java and the backend has done by using firebase which stores real time data. It can be used by students and teaching faculties.

Dava reminder – This app is useful for the patients and the workers who are working in home to remind them to take their medicine at the  particular time .If someone forgets to take medicine this app  will give the Alarm message to that person/patient.

Near Stay – application to manages all information about paying guest near in ujire. It provides the information about each individual PGs.

Quizy – Application with simple UI Design. Through our application user will gain the knowledge based on their interested category.

AlwaysOnTime – The project “AlwaysOnTime” is developed in Android studio, which is a timetable application that enables to create and save schedules and sync them across many devices.

E- library system – The project “E-Library System” is developed in Android Studio, which mainly focuses on basic operations in a library like adding new books, and updating newinformation, searching books and members and return books.

Helping Hands – first aid and emergency tips providing mobile application.

Canteen management – The project includes all basics features required for the maintenance of the canteen including both user and admin end, with the help of which it’s easy to order, avoiding any mishaps.

Bookeasy – a smart appointment booking system that provides professors an easy way of booking a Dr. B Yashovarma’s (Secretary of SDME Society) appointment online. This is an android based application that overcomes the issue of managing and booking appointments according to user’s choice or demands.

An upcoming movie directed and produced by the students of Digital Media & Film Making was launched at the event as Dr. Udayachandra, Principal of SDM College Ujire revealed the title of the film. ‘Talents’ Day’ is an upcoming film directed by Antony PJ and written by Murari Abhyankar from Digital Media & Film Making. The movie will be released in June 2022.

A web series created by the students of Digital Media & Film Making was released by Dr. Vishwanatha P, Dean of PG Studies, SDM College. This web series is titled ‘Panchavatara’ and involves a series featuring a character named ‘Panchesh’. The first episode released at the occasion was directed by Gowtham.

Suveer Jain, course coordinator of SDM B.Voc was present at the event alongside Dr. Bhaskar Hegde, Dr. Rakesh TS and Shailesh Kumar, HODs of three B.Voc departments.