“Achievers Day”

Achivers day

Dr. Nishchita Barke, a senior scientist at the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO), expressed the importance of utilizing educational opportunities that supplement the consciousness of continuous change to facilitate diverse avenues of progress.

Dr. Barke was the keynote speaker at the " Achievers day" event held at SDM college.

Another guest, international chess player Shabdik Varma, addressed the audience. He mentioned that students from various regions, including South Karnataka, possess the capability to excel. However, due to a lack of self-confidence, they hesitate to make a mark in the competitive world of the main stream. He emphasized that with confidence, the magnitude of achievements increases.

Dr. B. A. Kumar Hegde,Principal of SDM College, presided over the function, with Prof. S. N. Kakatkar,Vice Principal, also in attendance. The event honoured students who excelled in academic pursuits throughout the year and those who emerged victorious in various competitions organized as part of the college annual fest. Prizes were distributed to the achievers, and guests were felicitated for their contributions. The program commenced with prayers by the students’ choir, followed by a warm welcome by Mr. K. Kiran, Coordinator of the Science Division of the Student Council. Ms. Manasa Agnihotri, representing the students, introduced the esteemed guests. Ms. Prateeksha, Coordinator of the Arts Division of the Student Council, extended gratitude on behalf of the students.