The Fervor of a Republic Nation

The Rathnavarma Memorial Stadium of Ujire witnessed the grand celebration of India’s 71st Republic Day. The march past by NCC cadets and disciplined presence of students from various SDM institutions including UG, PG, PUC and high schools were the highlights of the day.

Dr. B Yashovarma, the Secretary of SDME Society hoisted the tricolour alongside patriotic songs such as Vande Mataram and Saare Jahan se Accha sung by the students of SDM.


Sunitha Prabhu, a student of SDM High School who was commended by PM Narendra Modi for her scientific essay, and NCC cadets from the college participating at the National Republic Day Parade were congratulated at the event.

Lt. Commander Dr. Sridhar Bhat, Lt. Bhanu Prakash, ANO Ramesh Mayya, Prof. Satheeschandra, Prof. Dinesh Chowta, Prof. Krishnamurthy, Dr. Ashok Kumar and Dr. Nithyananda, Principals of various SDM Institutions were present at the occasion.