Department of Physics arranged a guest lecture on TECHINIQUES OF SCIENTIFIC AND TECHNICAL WRITING during the inaugural function of SPECTRA association activities and release of e –magazine on 18-09-2020

Our Proud Alumni, Dr Amrith Bhide, Assistant Professor in Physics, NIT Puducheri Karaikal was the resource person. He explained the techniques of systematic writing of articles to Journals, Magazines and Conference proceedings.

”Writing articles is a skill which needs full concentration and ethical values. Articles related to science and technology should not be copied and pasted from other sources and should be free from plagiarism. Articles as a result of real experimentation and related hypothesis fetch more value. With proper planning of the body of the article and with real facts and figures it is to be published. A standard article must have proper citations and references in the standard format. While writing the article, the presentation or the flow of words should develop curiosity in the reader. Further it should be free from unnecessary and irrelevant explanations “ he added. Miss Swathi welcomed the gathering , Miss Shreelakshmi proposed vote of thanks. Miss Sneha was MC