Minor Research Projects

Sl No Name of the Principal Investigator Dept Title of the Project Amount sanctioned
1 Dr B Yashovarma Botany Taxonomical, Ecological, Agronomic & Therapeutic Investigations in tothe Plant Used for the Treatment of Poisonous Animal Bites in D K District Region of Coastal Karnataka 60000
2 Dr B P Sampath Kumar Kannada Samskritika Dharmasthala –A Cultural Study of Dharmasthala 45000
3 Dr P N Udayachandra Commerce Diagnostic Study on Entrepreneurial Capital with Special Reference to Dakshina Kannada District 80000
4 Dr M Y Manjula PG Psychology Enhancing Academic Performance of Disadvantaged School Children of Belthangady Taluk, Dakshina Kannada District 100000
5 Dr Shriprasad H Economics Economic Empowerment of Rural Women through Self Help Group – A Case Study of D K 33000
6 Dr K S Mohannarayana Political Science Emerging Trends in Gross Root Leadership : A Historical Case Study of Ujire Panchayat from 1993 to 2003 50000
7 Dr Kumara Hegde Botany Ecological Studies on River Nethravathy at Western Ghat Area 63000
8 Ms Deepa Marina Rasquinha PG Psychology Assessment and Management of Stress, Anxiety and Enhancement of Self Concept Adjustment and General Wellbeing of Adolescents through Positive Therapy 40000
9 Dr L N Swamy History Port of Ancient Karnataka –A Historical Survey 70000
10 Mr Ravi M N Commerce Dynamics of Value of Added Tax- A Study on Dealers with Reference to Dakshina Kannada District 60000
11 Dr Y T Balakrishna Acharya PG Psychology Psychological Problems and Attitude of Parents of Mentally Challenged 30000
12 Dr A Jayakumar Shetty Economics Group Entrepreneurship with the Rural Poor with Special Reference to SGSY Scheme in Dakshina Kannada 70000
13 Prof. Keshava Hegde Biotechnology Riparian Flora Ecological Investigations into their Structure, Functions and Role in Watershed Management in Some Perennial River Systems in the Control Western Ghats Region in Karnataka 75000
14 Dr Shruthakeerthiraja Botany Floristic Studies on Forest in Nidle Area in the Western Ghats Region of Belthangady Taluk 35000
15 Dr K G Parashuram MSW A Study on Qualities and Competencies Expected from Professional Social Worker 50000
16 Dr Shubha Das Maravanthe Kannada Contribution of Karavali Yakshagana in Enriching the Karnataka Language and Literature with Special Reference on the Works of Hattiyangadi Ram Bhatta 35000
17 Dr Ramesh S Salian Economics Role of Information and Communication Technology in Agriculture – A Case Study of Dakshina Kannada District 70000
18 Dr Shridhara N Bhatta Sanskrit A Study of Customs and Traditions of Temples in Belthangady Taluk and its Relevance to Modern Society 100000
19 Prof. Mohannarayana Political Science Leadership in Panchayati Raj Institutions (RRI) Post 73rd Amendment ( A Study with Special Reference to Belthangady Taluk in Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka) 65000
20 Mr Bhaskar Hegde Journalism Grassroot Journalism Role of Small News Papers in Rural Development A Case Study of South Canara 25000
21 Dr Vishwanatha P Chemistry Studies on Quality of water in selected areas of Belthangady Taluk- A special reference to health 60000
22 Dr  T. Krishna Murthy Economics Arecanut Marketing-Problems and Prospects A case study of Belthangady Taluk, 85000
23 Mr Gajanan R Bhat English Influence of English on vernacular languages, Especially on Kannada 135000
24 Ms Srinanda Commerce The Impact of SHG’s Promoted by Micro Finance Institution Women and Children – A case Study on SKDRDP with Reference to D.K 55000
25 Mr Lakshminarayana K.S Commerce Governance of Micro Finance Institutions with reference to selected Micro Finance Institutions of Karnataka. 55000
26 Dr Sriprasad Economics Performance Analysis of Primary Health centers a Case study 85000
27 Dr B. Ganapayya Physics Synthesis and Characterization of non linear optical materials 155000
28 Prof. Prakash Prabhu Mathematics Application of some weak forms of open sets in Topology. 90000
29 Mr Suresh Babu Commerce Non performance asst management in Co-operative banks with special reference to Belthangady Primary Co-oparative agriculture and rural development bank, Beltahngady taluk, D.K Karnataka 80000
30 Mr Shashikanth S Kurodi English Cultural specific Nuances in the translation of Vachanas ( Kannada Bhakti pomes by Virasaiva saints) 100000
31 Mr Sooryanarayana Bhat P English Exploration of the written English corpus of undergraduate commerce 97400
32 Dr K Shankaranarayana English English teaching through language games in school / college – A study 120000
33 Dr. Rakesh T S Commerce Rising SSIs in Rural Areas – an evaluatory study on small scale soft drinks industries in Dakshina Kannada District, Karnataka 105000
34 Mr Gurudath Shenoy Commerce Entrepreneurs preferences towards working capital products with special reference to micro small and medium enterprises in Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka state 110000
35 Ms Divya K Chemistry Synthesis Characterization and Pharmacological activity of N-Bridged Oxygen containing Heterocyclic compounds 125000
36 Ms Sarika Commerce Exploratory study on governance of microfinance institutions in Dakshina Kannada district 76000
37 Ms Navya Shree G C PG Psychology Effect of Biopsychosocial Education on Teenagers 80,000
38 Mr Naveen Kumar Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological activity of N,S Containing simple and condensed Heterocycles 150,000
39 Dr Sowmya B P PG Chemistry Studies on Synthesis of Chalcones and their derivatives derived from Benzofuran 190,000
40 Ms. Nefisath P PG Chemistry Synthesis characterization and Biological Activity of Quinazolinone derivatives 140,000
41 Ms Rooparani G S English The Quest for identity in shashi Deshpande’s That long silence and the binding vine A study 110,000
42 Mr Bhanuprakash B R Commerce A study on awareness of tax planning with special reference to institutional employees in Belthangady taluk, DK district, Karnataka state 90,000
43 Mr Shanthiprakash Statistics An assessment of the perception of stakeholders on western Ghat conservation through unesco heritage certification 200,000
44 Dr Mithun ChakravarthY English Gaps and silences in the women narratives of partition with special reference to Ice-Candy-Man and the river churning 100,000
45 Dr Priyakumary S V Commerce A comparative study of SHGs organized and promoted by SKDRDP and Kudumbasree in Dakshina Kannada District and Kollam District ,towards empowerment of rural women 90,000
46 Dr Divakara K Kannada Nature workship in tulunadu rituals a cultural study 90,000
47 Dr Rajashekahar Kannada Exploration of the Implications of History in the selected novels of Niranjana 80,000
48 Mr Ravishankar K R Dept of Social Work A study on Enhancement of Local Leadership Through self help groups with special reference to Belthangady Talug 90,000
49 Mr Suveer Jain Dept of Social work A study on work life balance among women employees with special reference to Industrial area Mangalore 70,000
50 Dr A Jaya Kumar Shetty Economics Effectiveness of Business correspondence model in financial inclusion and empowering the vulnerable 100,000
51 Ms Rathnavathi K Commerce Problems and prospects of small and medium rubber grower with reference to rubber growers with reference to rubber growers in Dakshina Kannada District 90,000
52 Mr  Nagaraj Poojari Economics Changing perspectives of mango in India and Karnataka under wto regime 80,000
53 Dr Vandana Jain Psychology Achievement motivation self efficacy, Academic performance, subjective well being and self esteem among dalit girl students 50,000
54 Ms Manasa D PG Psychology Impact of life skills training on self efficacy self concept subjective well being and anxiety 70,000
55 Ms Malini Anchan Commerce Impact of micro-insurance on SHGs study with reference to SHGs in Belthangady Taluk 90,000
56 Ms Shakunthala Commerce Stress Factors on working women in NGO sector with reference to employees of NGO’s in Belthangady Taluk D.K District 85,000
57 Ms Sahana K PG Physics Analysis of waveguide coupled micro strip antenna for return loss and current distribution using mat lab 200000
58 Dr  Ramachandra Purohit Sanskrit Akhil Bharatha Madhwa Maha Mandala in south India 100000
59 Mr Sandesha S N Commerce Product Marketing of SHG Clusters through siri with special reference to Dakshina kannada District 60000
60 Dr Dhaneshwari PG studies and research in social work. A study on effectiveness of asha workers in enhanceing health of rural women 125000
61 Ms  Ashwini K PG Chemistry Study of non-linear optical properties and biological activities of arylfuranylpropenones and their derivatives 190000
62 Ms Alphonsamma Home science A study on nutritional and health status of children going to anganwadi, with special reference to Belthangady taluk Dakshina Kannada 100000
63 Mr Mahesh Kumar Shetty H Economics Voluntary organizations and inclusive rural development A comparative study of selected voluntary organizations in Dakshina Kannada District 100000
64 Mr S.N Kakathkar Physics Design of Microstrip antenna for intensive investigation of higher bandwidth 159000
65 Mr Ganesh V Shendye Botany and Biotechnology Study on Microbial ecology of selected endemic and endangered legumes of western Ghats and lowland regions of Udupi , Dakshina Kannada and Chikkamagalur Districts of Karnataka 105000
66 Dr Parashuram Kamath MCJ An analytical studies of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities in Dakshina Kannada District of Karnataka 85000
67 Mr Shreyas B Commerce Work life balance of married female teaching staff of selected schools of Dakshina kannada District 60000
68 Dr Mary M J PG studies and Research in social  work A study on the importance of premarital counseling in reducing divorce 100000
69 Mr Abdul Khadar Aneesh A Commerce Effectiveness of supply chain management with reference to dairy products in costal Karnataka A case study of Karnataka Milk Federation 50000
70 Dr Ganaraj K Economics Implications of price fluctuation on arecanut growers a study in Dakshina Kannada District 110000
71 Mr Chidananda H L PG Commerce Evaluation of training and development practices of selected N.G.Os in micro finance sector with special reference to Karnataka 60000
72 Mr.Naveen Kumar Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Pharmacological activity of N,S Containing simple and condensed Heterocycles 150000
73 Dr.Chethan Rao PG Physics Study on Hygienisation of Sewage Sludge of Mangalore City Using Gamma Irradiation 150000
74 Dr K. M. Shambhu Sharma PG Statistics Investment for Conservation of Western Ghats : Perception of People`s Representatives 140000
75 Mr Harish Shetty Commerce Consumer preference for online shopping in Udupi District- An Empirical study 50000
76 Dr Shashiprabha PG Chemistry Studies of nitrogen heterocycles derived from substituted aryl ethers and study of their biological activities 390000
77 Ms Vasanthi  M K Economics Role of Micro Finance in Inclusive Growth and Empowerment of Scheduled Caste Women -a case study 40000
78 Dr Ramith Ramu PG Biotechnology Beneficial effects of Banana (Musa Sp. Var. Nanjangud rasabale) Flower and Pseudostem on pain and functional dearth associated with diabetic neuropathy: A perception into its mechanism for neurop 130000
79 Dr. Shashiprabha. Chemistry

Studies of nitrogen heterocycles derived from substituted aryl
ethers and study of their biological activities



Major Research Projects

Sl No

Name of the Principal Investigator


Title of the Project

Amount sanctioned

1 Dr. Pushpendra Botany Determination of quality standards for three Ayurvedic formulations


2 Dr.B.P. Sampath Kumar Kannada Oral and Written Traditions of Jaina  Songs –A Cultural Study


3 Dr E Mahabala Bhatta Sanskrit Reinterpretation of Vatsyayana’s Kamasutras in the Backdrop of HIV Inflicted Societies and the Efforts of the Governments and Educationists to Impart Sexual Education to the Younger Generation with a Special Reference to the Student Community


Research Centres

Ha. Ma. Na. Research Centre

Approved Guides (Internal)

Sl.No. Name Department
1 Dr. B. P. Sampath Kumar Kannada
2 Dr. A. Jaya Kumar Shetty Economics
3 Dr. K V Nagarajappa Kannada
4 Dr. AP Shalip Political Science


Approved Guides (External)





Dr. H. H. Shridhar, HoD of Kannada, Vivekananda College, Puttur



Dr. Sharath Kumar, Associate Professor, Govt. First Grade College, Belthangady



Dr. Subrahmanya K, Associate Professor, Govt. First Grade College, Belthangady



Dr. Appanna Hanje, Assistant Professor, Govt. First Grade College, Gadaga



Dr. Ganapathi Gowda S, Associate Professor, University College, Mangaluru



Dr. N. T. Somashekaraiah, Associate Professor, Maharani’s Arts College for Women, Mysuru



Dr. Venkatesh, Associate Professor, Govt. First Grade College, Hosapet, Bellary Political Science


Dr. Suresh Rai K, Associate Professor, Govt. First Grade College, Tenkanidiyoor, Udupi


SDM Research Centre affiliated to Tumkur University

Approved Guides (Internal)

Sl.No. Name Department
1 Dr. P.N. UdayaChandra Commerce
2 Dr. Shridhara Bhata Sanskrit
3 Dr. Vignaraj Sanskrit
4 Dr. Vishwanatha P Chemistry
5 Dr. Jayakumar Shetty Economics
6 Dr. Nanda Kumar Shetti Physics

SDM Research Centre affiliated to Mangalore University

Approved Guides (Internal)

Sl.No. Name Department
1 Dr. M.Y. Manjula P.G Research in Psychology

Research Journal

Peer reviewed Multidisciplinary Biannual Research Journal SHODHA  (ISSN 2249 – 0396) is published by Dr Ha Ma Na Research Centre of the College.

To access click here – SHODHA

Student Research Projects

It aims at inculcating research attitude, inquisitiveness, teamwork and research skills among the students. The Departments train the students regarding research methodology and publication. Identified Student Research groups are guided by the staff members. At present Student Research Projects are made mandatory and form integral aspect of graduation at the college.

Annual Student Research Projects carried out








The PG Department of Biotechnology has signed an MoU with Polyclone Bioservices Private Limited (POLYCLONE), Bangalore for collaborative research and development in Biotechnology (08-02-2010)


Sl.No. Name Department Publications
1 Shashiprabha, B Shivarama Holla, Vishwanatha P and Nefisath P Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Chalcones
and Pyrazolines derived from Substituted
Aryl ether
2 Shashiprabha, SanjayS S, Vishwanatha P and Sudhakar Y N Chemistry Synthesis, Characterization and Biological
Activity of Qinoline bound Imidazoles