Dr Shridhara N Bhatta

Associate Professor & Head
  • VIDWAN (Jyotisha), MA(Sanskrit), MA(English), B Ed, NET, Ph. D
  • Courses Taught : B A, B Sc, B Com, BBA, BCA, Sanskrit literature
  • Area of Expertise : Sanskrit Literature, Jyotisha, Philosophy
  • Academic Experience - 23 Years

Contact Details

Mobile :94483356520

email : sbujire@sdmcujire.in

Research Details

  • PhD completed “Combination of diseases according to Astrology-A critical Study” from Rastriya Sanskrit Vidyapeetha Tirupati.(2006)
  • MRP Completed “A study of customs and traditions of temples in Belthangady Taluk and its relevance to modern society” (2011)
  • Recognised Guide of Tumkur University to supervise Sanskrit PhD aspirants. 5 PhD students are registered for PhD under his guideship.


  • Bhatta, Shridhara N (2011) “Bhaarateeya Panchaangagala Vividhate Mattu Saadhisabekaada Ekaroopate” Shodha (ISSN No 2249-0396) (pp 38-46)
  • Bhatta Shridhara N (2012) “Bhajagovindam” a book with kannada translation published by Ishavasyam, Ujire
  • Bhatta Shridhara N (2010) “puraanagala swaroopa-vaishistya- sandeshagalu” in Dr padekallu VishnuBhat(ed) “Veda-Vedaanga parivaara.
  • Bhatta Shridhara N (2013) SUMUKHA-a felicitation Book.Published by Sanskrit lovers group. Bantwala.Chapter(s) in Books

Editing Books

  • Bhatta, Shridhara N (2013) Sumukha-a felicitation Book published by Sanskrit lovers group Bantwala.

Books without ISBN numbers

  • Bhatta Shridhara N (2014) “Bhaja Govindam”, published by Veena G. “Ishavasyam” Prahlad Nagar Perla Road,Ujire-574 240


Participation in seminars/workshops/conferences/conventions:

  • National Seminar on “DRUGGANITHAM” at Rajarajeshwari Sanskrit College Swarnavalli
  • Workshop on astrology at Hosanagar Mutt. Hosanagara, Sagara Tq. 31 Aug -8 Sept.2004
  • National Seminar on “PANCHANGA”RSVP Deemed University, Tirupati. 28-30 Jan 2005
  • “Credit Based Semester System” Workshop conducted by Mangalore University Sanskrit Teachers Association (MUSTA) at UPMC Udupi Kunjibettu on 5 th July to7th July 2006
  • Refresher Course in Sanskrit at Kalidas Sanskrit University.Nagapur 7 -24 Nov 2005
  • Kannada vijnana sammelana conducted by SWAK on 15-17 Sept 2006
  • Multi-Lingual Approach in the light of Globalisation-State level Seminar held at Vivekananda College Puttur on 23-24 Sept 2006
  • E content Development Organised in Association with EMMRC Mysore at SDM C Ujire on 1-2 Sept 2006.
  • LEARNING LANGUAGE THROUGH LITERATURE-State level seminar held at KSS College Subrahmanya on 4-5 August 2007
  • Tetradic National Seminar SWAK at SDMES Ujire 13-15 May 2008
  • National Seminar on “Concept of Bliss” by Inter Disciplinary Studies and Research . Canara College Mangaluru. 17-19 Nov 2008
  • Contribution of Dharmasthala to the RELIGIOUS FIELD on 11-10-2008
  • State Level SANSKRITA SAMMELANAM held at Karkala on 26-28 Dec 2008
  • Role of IQAC in implementing new methodology of Assessment and Accreditation” Workshop held at KSS College, Subrahmanya 09-10 Jan 2009
  • ROLE OF BIOTECHNOLOGY IN DEVELOPMENT OF HERBAL DRUG AND Conservation of Biodiversity “ AT SDM College, Ujire On 24-25 Jan 2009
  • State seminar on “ THE ART OF PROBLEM SOLVING AND DECISION MAKING IN ANCIENT INDIAN WORKS” at SVS College Bantwala on 12-13 August 2010.
  • State Seminar on Sanskrit Literature Poornaprajna Vidyapeetha Bangalore May 2009
  • International Seminar on Sanskrit and World Sanskrit Bookfair Sanskrit Bharathi, 7 th -10 th January 2010
  • National Seminar on PANCHAANGAM Hindu Mahasabha,India (paper presented )24 th -26 th Dec 2010 Tirupati
  • National Seminar on “CONTRIBUTION OF SANSKRIT TO THE FIELD OF KNOWLEDGE” Vijaya College Mulky 24 th to 26 August 2011
  • National Seminar on “PHYLOSOPHY-A HOLISTIC APPROACH” Tumkur University. 26 th to 28 th December 2011
  • National seminar on “LESSON LEARNT FROM IQAC:MOVING FORWARD AND MAKING DIFFERENCE.” At SDM College ujire on 27-28 March 2012
  • National Seminar on JAIN KINGS,GUTTU etc by Hampi University 29 & 30 October 2012 SDM College Ujire
  • Seventh AKHILA KARNATAKA SANSKRITA SAMMELANAM Annapurneshwari Temple Horanaadu and Akhilakarnataka Sanskrit Parishat 1& 2 December 2012
  • State level Research Workshop Vedavijnana Gurukulam, Channenahalli, Bangalore 28-09- 2013
  • National Seminar on Influence of Sanskrit in Human Life
  • National Seminar on YOGAAS Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan. Rajivgandhi Campus. Sringeri 18-03- 2014
  • National Seminar on “ TEACHINGS OF UPANISHADS” Paper “PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT IN UPANISHADS” Bharatiya vidyabhavana and ISCON. Bangalore, 3-07- 2014
  • State level workshop on SVPARAMESHWARABHATTA,S CONTRIBUTION.Topic : KANNADA BHAVABHUTI MAHASAMPUTA” Vivekananda college Puttur 23-08- 2014
  • State level workshop on” SANSKRIT LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE”. Topic: the problems and solutions in degree Sanskrit teachings and learnings” Sahyadri science college Shimoga 11 and 12 sept 2014
  • National Level Seminar MORAL VALUES AS DEPICTED IN SANSKRIT LITERATURE held in Poornaprajna College Udupi 18& 19 Dec 2014
  • one day workshop on Astrology Sonda Swarnavalli Mutt,Sirsi. 05-07- 015
  • workshop on ‘New Sanskrit Text books of Mangalore University’ Poornaprajna College
  • Udupi. Host – MUSTA 01-07- 2015
  • State Level Workshop on ‘Puraanaloka’ Mitturu Purohita Thimmayya Bhatta Samprathisthana at Peraje Ramachandrapur Mutt. Puttur 19-09- 2015 & 20-09- 2015
  • Workshop on “INNOVATIONS IN SANSKRIT TEACHING AND LEARNING” at Canara College Mangalore SPONSORED by ONGS-CSR Mangalore, 4 March 2016
  • A Two Day workshop on “RESEARCH PROJECT PROPOSAL WRITING” CIRHS and PG dept of Social work, SDM PG Centre. Ujire 23& 24 Sept 2016.
  • MESSAGES OF BHAGAVATA” National level discourses conducted by BHARATEEYA VIDYABHAVAN AND ISKCON on 14-18 June 20017
  • National level “VEDA SHASTRA VIJNANA SEMINAR -Srimata Sanskrit College & Rastriya Sanskrit Sansthan New Delhi 9& 10 January 2017
  • “AKHILA BHARATEEYA SANSKRITA VIDVATTSAMMELANAM” At Shravanabelagolam on 7-9-June 2017 and Presented paper on CONTRIBUTION OF SANSKRIT POETS OF Dk to jain literature.
  • Attended International seminar on “BELIEFS AND BEYOND” sponsored by Dharmasthala and conducted by Bharateeya Vidya Bhavana Bangaluru on 8-9-March 2018

Paper Presentations:

  • RR Sanskrit College Swarnavalli, Sirsi, 6-8 Aug 2004
  • paper presented Dharwad University Oct 2007
  • Learning language through Literature KSS College, Subrahmanya. 4-5 Aug. 2007
  • National Seminar on Lesson Learnt from IQAC (paper presented ) SDMC Ujire 27,28 March 2012
  • Anne Bapuji Mahila Mahavidyalaya Yavatmal, Nagpur Maharastra 18-10- 2013

Awards and Achievements

  • NAMMA MANE AWARD for highest Achievements in the field of Sanskrit by NAMMA MANE Guruvayanakere 2008
  • CHIEF MINISTER COMMENDATION received for the service in the NCC 2013


  • Chairman of BOS. SDM College Ujire
  • Member of Board of Studies Tumkur University (PG)
  • Member of Research Review Committee, Tumkur University
  • Member of Board of Studies- St Aloysius College Mangaluru 2007-2014
  • Recognised PhD Guide of Tumkur University since 2011
  • Member of Mangalore University Sanskrit Teachers Association
  • Commissioned NCC Officer (Navy) since 2000
  • Past President of JCI Ujire Chapter.
  • Delivers Religious discourses at various platforms.