Dr. Neetha Nirupam Jathanna

Assistant Professor & Research Coordinator
  • Ph.D
  • Area of Expertise : Environmental biotechnology, Microbial biotechnology, Bioremediation

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Research Details

  • Bioremediation of complex organics by endophytic bacteria


  • J. N. Neetha , K. Sandesh, K. Girish Kumar, B. Chidananda, P. Ujwal*., Optimization of Direct Blue-14 Dye Degradation by Bacillus fermus (Kx898362) An Alkaliphilic Plant Endophyte and Assessment of Degraded Metabolite Toxicity. Journal of hazardous materials, 2019. (364) 742-751
  • J. N. Neetha, P. Ujwal*, K. Sandesh, H. Santhosh, K. Girish “Aerobic Biodegradation of Acid Blue- 9 Dye by Bacillus fermus Isolated from Annona reticulata”. Environmental Technology and Innovation, 2019. (11) 253-261



Title: “Cellular changes in oocytes of Swiss albino mice subjected to repeated superovulation”
Conference: “Humboldtkolleg on interdisciplinary science: catalyst for sustainable progress”
Venue: Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
Year: 2014


Title: “Decolorisation and degradation of Brilliant Blue-R by Bacillus fermus (kx898362) an alkaline
tolerant strain isolated from Centella asiatica”.
Conference: International Conference on Biotechnology and Health Care.
Venue: Professor Jayashankar Telangana state agricultural university, Hyderabad.
Year: 2017

Awards & achievements

  • DST- AWSAR [AUGMENTING WRITING SKILLS FOR ARTICULATING RESEARCH] 2018 Popular Science Story Selected For the AWSAR Awards 2018 for the Category Of Best 100 Stories

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  • Accession no. : KX898362
    Sequence ID: SUB1961691
    Strain: Bacillus firmus strain centella
  • Accession no. : MK271764
    Sequence ID: SUB4899473
    Strain: Bacillus aryabhattai strain cinnamonum
  • Accession no.: MK281611
    Sequence ID: SUB4902926
    Strain: Enterobacter hormaechei subsp. xiangfangensis strain 19_357_F 16S
  • Accession no.: MK372891
    Sequence ID: SUB4967490
    Strain: Enterobacter sp. strain niru