Ms Sindhu V

Assistant Professor
  • M.Sc. Psychology
  • Area of Expertise : Teaching, Counselling, and Research
  • Year of Experience : 1 year as Behaviour Trainer, 1 year worked as Psychologist

Contact Details

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Research Details

  • Pursuing Ph.D. from Mangalore University and Research centre at SDM College, Ujire


Sindhu V and Maheshbabu. (2020). Spiritual well-being among undergraduates of different streams; An explanatory study. International journal of social science and humanities.8(2). ISSN 2348-3164.
Sindhu V and Vandana jain. (2020). Parenting style and Emotional Maturity among adolescents across gender. Indian journal of health and well-being. Indian Journal of Health and Wellbeing. 11(7). 311-314.ISSN p 2229-5356.
Rao and Sindhu V. (2021).Academic stress among 10th standard students taking daily tests during covid-19 lockdown period. Journal of Mental Health Education. 3(1).11-18.ISSN 2456-5733.
Sindhu V and Megha S Rao. (2022).Prevalence of Internet Addiction and it’s relationship on Quality of Life among adults during COVID- 19 Pandemic. Mental health: A global concern and Conviction. 204-212.ISBN: 978-93-54935-84-8.


Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse Organized By Muktha (An Initiative To Prevent Abuse And Promote Mental Health).
Promoting Art Therapy and Goodness of Art by Blue Elephant Art Foundation, Centre for Child Empowerment Through Art Therapy.
Case Conceptualization at SDM PG College, Ujire. Counselling for sexual minorities at SDM PG College, Ujire.
Human Resources: Skills and Competences at SDM PG College.
Webinar on online counselling- A Savior just a click away by Spark Wellness Hub in association with Bodhi Trust.
Advanced Qualitative Research Methods from Swasti Vishwa Behavioral and Social Sciences Institute Foundation


Module Presentation on “Mental Health” at SDM school, Ujire.
Module Presentation on “Anger Management” at SDM school, Ujire.
Participation in Intercollegiate fest – Amalgam at St. Agnes Centre for Post Graduate Studies and Research, Mangalore.
Student coordinator for the Psych vision 2018- an intercollegiate fest, SDM PG College, Ujire.
Certificate course on School Psychology at Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College (Autonomous), Ujire.
Completed 10 hrs of training on Mental health and Psychosocial issues in COVID-19.
UGC sponsored Add-on Certificate level course on Molecular Techniques at Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni Degree College, Bengaluru.
UGC sponsored Add-on Diploma level course on Molecular Techniques at Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni Degree College, Bengaluru.
Online course of comprehensive sexuality education for teachers and educators.
Completed Udemy courses such as SPSS, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness.