Dr. Madhava Bhat H

  • Courses Taught : M A [ENGLISH]
  • Area of Expertise : English Literature, English Language Teaching, H R D & Facilitation Teacher Training
  • Academic Experience - 40 Years

Contact Details

email : madhava.bhat@yahoo.com

Research Details

  • Research Leading to Ph.D. under F.I.P. granted by the U.G.C Karnataka University Dharwad (1992)
  • Successfully guided 3 PhD scholars & 12 M.Phil Scholars in different Universities as Approved Research Guide


  • “Re-Imaging the Images of Women An Alternative Reading of Things Fall Apart” Vol. XLIV Nos 344 The Literary Criterion Ed.C.NSrinath, Dhvanyaloka Quarterly, Mysore 2009
  • Book Review on Stagestruck(Essays on Drama and Theatre) by S.RamaswamyVol.XLVI No.2 The Literary Criterion Ed.C.NSrinath , Dhvanyaloka Quarterly , Mysore 2001
  • 5 Poems in SPARK – Collection of Poems brought out during International Poets Meet 2008 Ed. Dr. K.B.Kusal & Dr. Prakash Joshi. D.A.V. Centre for Creative Education Navi Mumbai 2008
  • “Meandering into Morality: Use of Magic in Selected Works of the West” in the Contemporary DiscourseVolume 3 Issue 1. 2012 (Co-Authored by the Research Student , Roopashree Rao)
  • GirishKarnad and indian Theatre in Shodha Research Journal brought out by HaMaNa Research centre(SDMC) July 2010 (Co-Authored by the Research Student Shankar Narayan K)
  • Going Forwards to the Past – From Beatrice to Ekwefe : A Brief Study of Women Characters in Achebe’s Novels in “SHODHA” Research journal brought out by HaMaNa Research Centre (SDMC) Jan2010


International level/Visits Abroad

  • Delivered Lecture on “Human Resource Devt. Based on Indian Schools of Thought” at the Institute of Traditional Oriental Medicine at Tokyo, Japan on 23 April 2009
  • Participated as an Indian Delegate in International Seminar on Youth Prgm. Devt in Rover Section at Male, Maldives in April 2006
  • Was invited as a Poet-Delegate to the “International Conference on World Poetry” held at Navi Mumbai in February 2008.

Participation in seminars/workshops/conferences/conventions:

  • Resource Person in the Workshop for the Principals & the Teacher Delegates in the Workshop/Information session on Scouting held at Mysore on 04 April 2017
  • Consultant Delegate in the “Consultancy Workshop” organized by CLHRD held at Mangalore on 14 January 2017
  • Resource Person in the U.G.C Sponsored National Seminar on “Developing Local Standards Based on Country-wide Criteria” held at N.M.C Sullia on 20 January 2017
  • Resource Person/Chairperson in the seminar on “Sumer Hill” at S.D.M Ujire on 28 February 2017
  • Resource Person in the F.D.P for P.U. Teachers at S.D.M P.U College on 16Feb2017
  • Resource Person in the F.D.P for Teachers at SDMIT,Ujire on 30Jan2017
  • Resource Person in the P.U English Teachers Workshops organized by the P.U. Board at
  • Madikeri on 11 December 2016 & at Udupi on 28 Nov 2017
  • Resource Person in the Conference on “Academic & Administrative Leadership”organized by NITTE University in Mangalore on 23 Nov 2017 & at Nitte on 24 Nov 2017
  • Resource Person in the Orientation Programme for College Teacher held at Administrative Trg. College, Karnataka University Dharwad on 22 Feb 2017
  • Resource Person in the Workshop in English organized by Government F.G College, Car street, Mangalore on 8 Feb 2017
  • Active Participant & Trainer in “Gubbachchi Speaking”- Initiative on Communicative English for school children in Puttur Taluk

Awards and Achievements

  • Award for Trg. & Facilitation “Innovative Teacher” Awarded by CLHRD
  • “Master Facilitator” in T.Q.M