Academic Planning and Audit Committee – STATUTORY

Duties: Preparing academic calendar and implementation, Analysis of academic indicators (Result, IESA etc), Review of feedback reports- individual/ departmental/institutional(student appraisal), Conducting AAA and review, Review of PBSA reports/weekly survey reports/stock reports

1 Prof. Satheeschandra S. Principal Chairman
2 Dr. B. Ganapayya PG Dean Member
3 Dr. P.N. Udayachandra, Commerce Dean Member
4 Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty, Arts Dean Member
5 Mr. T. Prakash Prabhu, Science Dean Member
6 Dr. B .P. Sampath Kumar, Registrar(Administration) Member
7 Mr. Shanthiprakash, Registrar(Evaluation) Member
8 Mr. Shashishekhar N. Kakatkar, NIRF Co-ordinator Member
9 Dr. Shankaranarayana K., IQAC Co-ordinator Member
10 Mr. Yuvaraj Poovani, Office Superintendent Member

Chairman: Mr. Ganesh Nayak

(Planning, Execution and Documentation of Institutional Policies/Projects with regard to Curricular Aspects ( as per the requirements for NAAC/NIRF/University/UGC-MHRD) and Monitoring the functioning of the subcommittees in view of this criteria)

1.Campus Audit and Appraisal

Duties: Weekly survey, Staff appraisal – twice a year, PBSA monitoring/ consolidating/ reporting to higher authorities, Computing IESA, Departmental appraisal, Self appraisal of non-teaching staff


Dr. Rakesh T. S. Co-ordinator


Ms. Deepa R. P. Member


Mr Gurudath Shenoy Member


Ms. Soumyashree Member


Ms. Poojitha Varma Member


Ms. Shashiprabha (MFC) Member


2.Committee for Calendar, Brochure, Prospectus, Timetable, Teachers’ Diary

Duties: Calendar, Brochure, Prospectus, Application for admissions, Timetable, Teacher’s diary – Planning and printing


Dr. Ramachandra Purohit Co-ordinator


Dr. Savitha Kumari Member


Mr Rajendra Member


Ms. Lydia Member

Chairpersons: 1. Dr. Vishwanath P.
                                          2. Dr. Shridhara N. Bhatta

(Planning, Execution and Documentation of Institutional Policies/Projects with regard to Teaching, Learning and Evaluation (as per the requirements for NAAC/NIRF/University/UGC-MHRD) and Monitoring the functioning of the subcommittees in view of this criteria)

1. Examination Committee

Duties: Conduction of examinations, Exam timetable preparation, Strategy for prevention of malpractice, exam reforms, exam results and other exam related duties

1 Mr. Shanthiprakash, Registrar(Evaluation) Chairman
2 Ms. Vinutha D. M. Member
3 Ms. Akshatha. B Member
4 Mr. Deviprasad Member


2. Students’ Grievance Redressal Cell – STATUTORY

Duties: Receiving appeals and complaints, initiating speedy Redressal and reporting

1 Mr. Gajanana R. Bhat* Co-ordinator
2 Ms. Rathnavathi* Member
3 Ms. Shakunthala B* Member
4 Ms. Sangeetha B.* Member


3. Students Performance Monitoring Committee

Duties: Monitoring attendance on a monthly basis, PTA, PTI, Mentorship, Monitoring shortage of attendance and necessary action, SMS Alert- academic calendar and special events, reporting the suggestions and action taken report and maintaining the documents

1 Dr K.V. Nagarajappa Co-ordinator
2 Mr. Satheeshchandra P.D. Member
3 Mr. Abhijith Badiger Member
4 Ms. Sangeetha K. Member


4. Faculty Development Committee

Duties: Identifying the areas and Organising Faculty Development Training Programmes to both teaching and non teaching staff, Conducting Staff meetings, Staff orientations, Monitoring Staff welfare fund

1 Dr. Shankarnarayana K. Co-ordinator
2 Mr. Shashishekhar N. Kakathkar Member
3 Staff Association office bearers Members

Chairperson: Dr. Shalip Kumari

(Planning, Execution and Documentation of Institutional Policies/Projects with regard to Research, Consultancy and Extension (as per the requirements for NAAC/NIRF/University/UGC-MHRD) and Monitoring the functioning of the subcommittees in view of this criteria)

1. Promotion of Research Activities

Duties: Identifying the areas of research and motivating the faculty to undertake research projects, Establishing MoUs, Organising interactions/lectures/research sharing on new research areas, Conducting research related orientation programmes, training programmes, providing relevant information.

1 Dr. B. Ganapayya Co-ordinator
2 Dr. P. N. Udayachandra Member
3 Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty Member


2. Project  Proposal Committee

Duties: Identifying funding agencies-UGC/VGST & other institutional funding agencies, preparing proposals, Co-ordinating Major & Minor Research proposals and submitting

1 Dr. B. P. Sampath Kumar Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Ganaraj Member
3 Dr. Shashiprabha Member
4 Ms. Prarthana Member
5 Dr. Maruthi K. R. Member
6 Mr. Bhanuprakash Member
7 Dr. Chethan Rao Member
8 Dr. Rajesh N. Hegde Member
9 Mr. Shrisha Naik Member


3. Research Centres

Duties: Developing a cordial relationship between the university and the centre, sending reports, information as and when the university asks, arranging pre colloquium, giving orientation to the faculty desirous of doing research.

Ha.Ma.Na Research Centre affiliated to Kannada University, Hampi

1 Dr. S.D. Shetty Director
2 Dr. Divakara K Asst. Director


SDM Research Centre affiliated to Tumkur University, Tumkur
Dr. Vishwanath P. : Director


4. Soil Test Centre

Soil Test Centre gives services to the farmers leading to the ideal use of fertilizers and better soil management practices for the improvement in Soil fertility and agricultural production. Services available in the centre are Soil SAnalysis and Water Analysis

Dr. Vishwanath P. : Co-ordinator

Chairperson: Prof. Ajoy Kombrabail

(Planning, Execution and Documentation of Institutional Policies/Projects with regard to Infrastructure and Learning Resources (as per the requirements for NAAC/NIRF/University/UGC-MHRD) and Monitoring the functioning of the subcommittees in view of this criteria)

1. Library & Learning Resources Committee

Duties: Library- preparing the list of books required- journals, eJournals, other reference books; purchasing/subscribing; Monitoring biometrics of staff and students; Analysis of the staff and students library use and reporting, Organising the exhibitions/ seminars/ orientations; Library Use education to students

1 Mr. Yogeesh H. E., Librarian Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Pundarika Wikipedia
3 Mr. Abhinandan (Learning Corners , W4H & Eminent Personality)
4 Dr. Narayana Hebbar Member


2. Maintenance Committee

Duties: Supervision and maintenance of cleanliness, neatness, renovation, repair work, prevention of damage to infrastructure, electrical, plumbing; garden/greenery, water, light; Stock verification and reporting.

1 Mr. Yuvaraj Poovani Co-ordinator
2 Mr. Rajendra Member
3 Mr. Rajappa Member
4 Ms. Shubharani Member (Maintenance of ladies retiring room)
5 Mr. Sadananda Member
6 Mr. Ganesh Rai Member
7 Ms Shobhavathi Member

Chairperson: Dr. B. A. Kumara Hegde

(Planning, Execution and Documentation of Institutional Policies/Projects with regard to Student Support and Progression (as per the requirements for NAAC/NIRF/University/UGC-MHRD) and Monitoring the functioning of the subcommittees in view of this criteria))

1. Student Welfare Committee

Duties: Evolving proper strategies to ensure proper discipline; Evolving equitable and just means for a fair system; Constituting and Monitoring Students Fora, Hostels/Mess, Midday Meals, Scholarships, Women Development Cell; Involving learners in constructive and useful activities; Holding frequent interactions and recording minutes

1 Mr. Gajanana R. Bhat* Co-ordinator
2 Ms. Rathanavathi.* Member
3 Ms Deepa R.P Member
4 Ms Shubharani Member
5 Ms. Shankuntala B.* Member
6 Mr. Sharaschandra K. S. Member
7 Mr. Sudeena Member
8 Ms. Sangeetha B.* Member
9 Ms. Namratha Jain S. Member
10 Ms. Manjula K. Member


Discipline Committee

1 Mr. Ramesh H. Member
2 Mr. Mahesh Kumar Shetty Member
3 Mr. Achyuth Kamath Member
4 Mr. Nataraj H. R. Member
5 Mr. Suman Jain Member


2. Placement & Progression Committee

Duties: Acting as Liaison body between the Institution and Employers; Inviting Companies and Organising campus interviews; Documenting the details of placement and students pursuing higher education, and reporting, Coordinating HRD activities

1 Mr. Nagaraj Poojari Co-ordinator
2 Mr. Harish Shetty Member
3 Mr. Achyuth Kamath Member
4 Mr. Keerthan Rai Member


3. Extra Curricular Activities Committee

Duties: Conducting Literary and cultural competitions-internal and external, Monitoring dramatics, Yakshanaga activities, Wall magazines, SDM Kala Vaibhava, Organising Poojya Rathanvarma Heggade Debate competitions; Monitoring other extracurricular units; Planning and organising all activities in time and maintaining documents; Evolving a proper system for attendance and attendance credits.

1 Dr. Sudheer K. V. Co-ordinator
2 Ms. Shakunthala K. Member
3 Ms. Pavithra Jain Member
4 Ms. Akshatha K. Member
5 Ms. Vasanthi M. K. Member
6 Mr. Abdul Khadhar Aneesh Member
7 Mr. Arun Kumar Member
8 Ms. Deekshitha Kumari Member
9 Ms. Apoorva K. Hegde Member
1 Mr. Bhanuprakash  B. E.
Ms. Malini Anchan
NCC : Army S.D.
NCC : Army  S.W.
2 Lt. Dr. Shridhar Bhat NCC: Navy
3 Dr. Lakshminarayana K. S.
Ms.  Asha Kiran
NSS – Unit: 1
NSS – Unit: 2
4 Ms. Vasanthi M. K.
Mr. Prasad Kumar
Rover Rangers
(Drug Bank, Red Cross)
5 Ms. Akshatha K. Hobby Circle
6 Ms. Shakunthala B. Eco-Club
7 Sports Advisory Committee
Prof. Satheehschandra S., Principal President
Dr.  Shankarnarayana K. Co-ordinator
Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty Member
Dr. B. A. Kumara Hegde Member
Dr. Vandana Jain Member
Dr. Rakesh T. S. Member
Mr. Achyuth S. Kamath Member
Mr. Ramesh H. Member
Mr. Sudeena Member


4. College Magazine Committee

Duties: planning and guiding the students for writing quality articles; Identifying areas and focusing on selected areas; Arranging for group Photos, Collection and selection of photos, articles, reports from students and departments; publication of the magazine and arranging for distribution.

1 Dr. Ramachandra Purohit Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Shashikant Kurodi Member
3 Dr. Rajashekar Member
4 Ms. Divya Member
5 Mr. Shafwan V Member
6 Mr. Prasad Kumar Member
7 Ms. Geetha A. J. Member
9 Ms. Sonali Teradale Member


a) Women Grievance Redressal Cell – (STATUTORY) As per UGC guidelines &
(b) Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) – STATUTORY (Prevention of Sexual Harassment)

a) Duties:Investigating reported cases of acts of sexual harassment of women, if any, and submitting the report to the disciplinary authority recommending action to be taken against the accused employee; Preparing an annual report and submitting it to the authority about the complaints on sexual harassment of women at workplace and action taken for redressal of complaints; Holding regularly monthly meetings even if there are no complaints; Reviewing the state of preparedness to deal with complaints and to make all staff fully aware of their responsibilities in this regard; organising programmes to acquaint the women regarding their rights.

b) Duties: Creating a climate and a free platform for placing the complaints; Evolving systems for prevention of harassment- enquiry, justice and speedy settlements and reporting; Maintaining documents

1 Dr. Savitha Kumari Chairperson
2 Ms. Ashakiran Member
3 Ms. Fathima Safira Member
4 Ms. Vinutha D. M. Assistant Professor Co-ordinator
5 Mr. Yuvaraj Poovani, Superintendent Member
6 Ms. Vanitha K, Office Assistant Member
7 Ms. Mamatha Rao Director, HRD, SKDRDP Dharmasthala Member
8 Ms. Anupama, II MA English Member
9 Ms. Bhargavi, III BA Member


6. Alumni Committee

Duties: Developing a liaison with the Alumni; monitoring Our Alumni Our Pride; organising Alumni Interactions, Developing Alumni database, Initiating the opening of new chapters and registration; Conducting annual meet; Involving the alumni in all academic and other activities of the college.

1 Mr. Shailesh Kumar Co-ordinator
2 Mr. Shreyas B. Member
3 Ms. Rashmi N. Member
4 Mr. Suman Jain Member


7. Counselling Cell

Duties: Evolving strategy for the remedial counselling and communicating to faculty; Mentoring through individual counseling; Providing various comprehensive psychological services to students and resolve their emotional, behavioural, academic, and social issues; Conducting surveys and Organising workshops in the area of Stress management, Emotional intelligence, Self awareness, Learning disabilities, Aptitude, Intelligence, Interest, Stress and anxiety; Documentation and reporting

1 Mr. Gopal Patwardhan Chairman
2 Dr. Vandana Jain Member
3 Dr. Sudheer K. V. Member

Chairperson: Ms. K. P. Nanda Kumari
(Planning, Execution and Documentation of Institutional Policies/Projects with regard to Governance, Leadership and Management (as per the requirements for NAAC/NIRF/University/UGC-MHRD) and Monitoring of functioning of the subcommittees in view of this criteria)

1. Documentation Committee

Duties: Publication of bimonthly E-bulletin, Data collection and streamlining, documentation and reporting. Preserving the data and Providing reports and all data required for Annual Reports, NIRF, AQAR, NAAC, University, UGC, Dept of Higher Education.

1 Mr. Sooryanarayana Bhat P. Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Pundarika Member
3 Ms Nefisath P Member
4 Ms Supriya S Member
5 Dr. Padmanabha N. K. Member
6 Ms. Rakshitha Member
7 Ms. Daneshwari Onkari Member


2. College website UG/ PG

Duties: Reviewing the Website on daily basis and updating; Making the website more viewer friendly and more functional; uploading the information on the future events; Creating mandatory portals for institutional performance, visibility, mandatory institutional disclosures, College magazine, IQAC, NAAC reports, RUSA, research journal, and other statutory committees; Ensuring the availability of the applications and other information to the public and making it more interactive

1 Ms. Nanda Kumari Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Divakara K. Member
3 Ms. Nefisath P. Member
4 Dr. Maruthi K. R. Member
5 Ms. Ganavi Member
6 Mr. Shrisha Naik Member
7 Ms. Apoorva K. Hegde Member


3. Anti-Ragging Committee(STATUTORY) As per UGC Guidelines.

Duties: Holding and complying with the directions of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and be vigilant on any acts of ragging; Displaying the prevalent directives and the actions that can be taken against those indulging in ragging; considering the complaints received from the students and conducting enquiries and submitting reports to the Core Committee along with punishment recommended for the offenders; Oversee the procedure of obtaining undertaking from the students in accordance with the provisions; Conducting workshops against ragging menace and orient the students; providing students the information pertaining to contact address and telephone numbers of the person(s) identified to receive complaints/distress calls; Offering services of counselling and create awareness to the students; Taking all necessary measures for prevention of Ragging inside the Campus/ Hostels

Dr. P. N. Udayachandra , Principal Chairman
Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty, Vice-Principal Member
Mr. Shashishekhar N. Kakathkar, Science Dean Member
Dr. Shalip Kumari, Arts Dean Member
Dr. Vishwanatha P. Dean, PG Studies Member
Dr. B. P. Sampath Kumar, Registrar(Administration) Member
Mr. Shanthiprakash, Registrar(Evaluation) Member
Mr. Gajanana R. Bhat Co-ordinator, Student Welfare Committee Co-ordinator
Mr. Mahesh Kumar Shetty, Member, Discipline Committee Member
Dr. Naveen Kumar, Member, Discipline Committee Member
Mr. Jinnappa (Parent) Member
Ms. Tejashwini K S, I MA JMC Student Representative
Mr. Samana R, I MSc Chemistry Student Representative
Mr. Dada Peer, II B.Sc.‘B‘ Student Representative

Vision: Ragging free campus for higher education
Mission : To prevent ragging in any of its form – Physical , mental or emotional.

Objectives :

  1. To create a cordial, harmonious learning environment.
  2. No scope for senior – junior attitude.
  3. To see the campus or hostels as places of mutual trust and cordial relationship among the students.
  4. Constant vigilance/observation of student communities.


  1. To create an awareness among the students regarding the legal consequences of ragging.
  2. To create an awareness about the importance of education and future.
  3. Holding the meeting of committee.

Methodology :

  • Display of flexus, banners and legal matters regarding the menace of ragging in the notice boards.
  • The detail of Anti-ragging committee of the college is displayed in the college notice board for the information of the student.

UGC Guidelines

Chairperson: Mr. Bhaskar Hegde

(Planning, Execution and Documentation of Institutional Policies/Projects with regard to Innovations and Best Practices ( as per the requirements for NAAC/NIRF/University/UGC-MHRD) and Monitoring of functioning of the subcommittees in view of this criteria)

1. SDM Social Responsibility Initiatives Committee

Duties: In the campus: Organising Social, Spiritual and Scientific lecture series, Civic awareness programmes
Off the Campus– Arranging SDM Social responsibility series, Extension activities related to Environment, Health, Education, Nation building and Swacch Bharath; Conducting Surveys related to social issues and Arranging for consultancy.

1 Mr. Ganesh Shendye Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Shridhar N. Bhat Member
3 Mr. Bhanuprakash B. E. Member
4 Dr. Lakshminarayana K. S. Member
5 Ms. Asha Kiran Member
6 Ms. Shakunthala K. Member
7 Ms. Vasanthi M. K. Member
8 Mr. Madhava Holla Member
9 Ms. Shruthi R. Member


2. Co-Curricular Committee

Duties: Planning and Execution; Monitoring Student Faculty(selection and guidance), Student Lecture Series, Student Research Projects(Evolving System to enhance the quality of research projects), Short Term Certificate Courses( timely information), E-Lectures, E-Notes, Junior Project Guidance(coordination between the college and schools) , Open Electives- (prior information to students, Calling applications and scrutiny and allotment); Documentation

1 Dr. Bojamma K. N. Co-ordinator
2 Ms. Fathima Safira Member
3 Dr. Sanmathi Kumar B. Member
4 Ms. Shobha S. Member
5 Mr. Nataraj H. R. Member
6 Ms. Sahana M. Member
7 Ms. Apeksha Jain Member