Statutory Committees

Academic Planning and Audit Committee

Mr. Keshava T. N., Principal                                   Chairman
Mr. S. Satheeschandra, Vice-Principal                              Member
Dr. B. Ganapayya PG Dean                                      Member
Dr. P.N. Udayachandra, Commerce Dean   Member
5 Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty, Arts Dean                                    Member
Mr. T. Prakash Prabhu, Science Dean                  Member
Mr. Shanthiprakash, Registrar(Evaluation)         Member
Dr. B .P. Sampath Kumar, Registrar(Administration) Member
Mr. Shashishekhar N. Kakatkar, NIRF Co-ordinator Member
10  Dr. K. Shankaranarayana, NAAC Co-ordinator   Member
11  Mr. Yuvaraj Poovani, Office Superintendent Member

Chairperson:  Dr. Anuradha Bhat


1Campus Audit and Appraisal – UG

Duties: Feedback/appraisal of infrastructure, PBSA developing, monitoring/ consolidating


Dr Savitha Kumari Co-ordinator


Ms Deepa R P Member


Mr Gurudath Shenoy Member


Ms. Shashiprabha (MFC) Member

2. Committee for Calendar & Brochure, Prospectus, time table,


Dr. Ramachandra Purohith



Dr. Savitha Kumari




Chairman:  Dr. Vishwanath P.


  1. Examination Committee-UG
1 Mr. Shanthiprakash Registrar(Evaluation)
2 Ms. Vinutha D. M. Member
3 Dr. Rakesh T.S Member
4 Ms. Akshatha. B Member
  1. Student’s’ Grievance Redressal Cell


1 Mr. Ganesh Nayak Co-ordinator
2 Ms. Rathnavathi Member
3 Ms. Shakunthala B Member
4 Ms. Sangeetha B. Member
  1. Students Performance Monitoring Committee

Duties: Monitoring attendance on a monthly basis, PTA, PTI, Mentorship, SMS Alert

1 Dr K.V. Nagarajappa Co-ordinator
2 Mr. Satheeshchandra P.D. Member
3 Mr. Abhijith Badiger Member
4 Ms. Sangeetha K. Member
  1. Faculty Development Committee
1 Dr. Shridhar N. Bhat Co-ordinator



Chairperson : Dr. Shalip Kumari


  1. Promotion of Research Activities
1 Dr.  P. N. Udayachandra Advisor
2 Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty       “
  1. 2.Project  Proposal Committee

Duties: Identifying funding agencies-UGC/VGST & other institutional funding agencies, preparing proposals, Co-ordinating Major & Minor Research proposal

1 Dr. B. P. Sampath Kumar Co-ordinator
2 Mr. Bhanuprakash Member
3 Dr. Shashiprabha Member
4 Dr. Chethan Rao Member
5 Ms. Prarthana Member
6 Dr. Rajesh N. Hegde Member
  1. Research Centres
Sl.No. Incharge/Co-ordinator Research Centre
1 Dr. S.D. Shetty Ha.Ma.Na. Research Centre
2 Dr. P. Vishwanatha SDM Research Centre affiliated to Tumkur University.



Chairman: Prof. Ajoy Kombrabail

1 Dr. Shankarnarayana            Chairman
2 Mr. Yogeesh H. E., Librarian        Co Chiarman   
3 Dr. Shashiprabha, Assistant Professor    Member
4 Dr. Pundarika, Assistant Professor    Member
5 Dr. Ganaraja, Assistant Professor    Member   



Chairman: Dr. B. A. Kumara Hegde

  1. Student Welfare Committee

Duties:  Discipline, Grievances, Students Fora, Hostels, Mess,  Midday  Meals, Scholarships, WDC

1 Mr. Ganesh Nayak Co – ordinator
2 Mr. Ramesh Member
3 Ms. Rathanavathi. Member
4 Ms Deepa R.P Member
5 Mr. Mahesh Kumar Shetty H. Member
6 Ms Shubharani Member
7 Ms. Shankuntala B. Member
8 Mr. Achyuth Kamath Member
9 Mr. Sharaschandra K. S. Member
10 Mr. Sudeena Member
11 Ms. Sangeetha B. Member
  1. Internal Complaints Committee (ICC)

(Prevention of Sexual Harassment)

1 Ms.  Malini Anchan  Assistant Professor Co – ordinator
2 Mr. Yuvaraj Poovani, Superintendent Member
3 Ms. Vanitha K, Office Assistant Member
4 Ms. Mamatha Rao Director, HRD, SKDRDP Dharmasthala Member
5 Final Year PG Student (Female) Member
6 Final Year UG Student (Female) Member
  1. Placement & Progression Committee
1 Mr. Nagaraj Poojari Co – ordinator
2 Mr. Suveer Jain Member
3 Mr. Harish Shetty Member
5 Mr. Keerthan Rai Member
  1. Extra Curricular Activities Committee – UG

Duties: Literary competitions-internal and external, Cultural competitions-internal and external, Drama, Yakshanaga activities, Wall magazine,  SDM Kala Vaibhava, Poojaya Rathanvarma Heggade Debate competitions, NSS, NCC, Physical Education

1 Dr. Sudheer K. V.          Co – ordinator
2 Ms. Shakunthala Member
3 Mr. Mahesh Kumar Shetty H. Member
4 Ms. Pavithra Jain Member
5 Ms. Akshatha K., Member
6 Ms. Vasanthi M. K., Member
7 Mr. Abdul Khadhar Aneesh Member
8 Ms. Kavyashree Member
9 Mr. Arun Kumar Member
10 Ms. Ashadevi Member
1 NCC Army  S.D.
NCC Army  S.W.
Capt. G.R. Bhat
Lt. Dr. Devaki K. K.
2 NCC Navy Lt. Dr. Sridhar Bhat 
3 NSS – Unit: 1
           Unit: 2
Mr. Ganesh Shendye
Ms.  Asha Kiran
4 Rover & Rangers Ms. Vasanthi
Mr. Prasad Kumar
5 Hobby Circle Ms. Akshatha K.
6 Eco-Club Ms. Shakunthala B.
  1. College Magazine Committee
1 Dr. Ramachandra Purohith Co – ordinator
2 Dr. Rajashekar Member
3 Ms. Divya Member
4 Mr. Shafwan V Member
5 Dr. Shashikant Kurodi Member
5 Mr. Prasad Kumar Member
  1. Women Grievance Redressal Cell
1 Dr. Shalip Kumari Chairperson
2 Ms. Ashakiran Member
3 Ms. Fathima Safira Member
  1. Alumni Committee

Duties: Our Alumni Our Pride, Alumni Interaction, Alumni database, initiative to register chapters, liaisoning alumni chapters, conducting annual meet

1 Mr. Shailesh Kumar Co-ordinator
2 Mr. Shreyas B. Member
3 Ms. Rashmi N. Member
4 Mr. Suman Jain Member
  1. Counselling Cell–UG & PG
1 Mr. Gopal Patwardhan Chairman
2 Dr. Vandana Jain Member



Chairperson: Ms. K. P. Nanda Kumari

  2. Duties: E-bulletin, Data collection, documentation  and reporting
1 Mr. Sooryanarayana Co-ordinator
2 Dr. Pundarika Member
3 Ms Nefisath P Member
4 Ms Supriya S Member
5 Dr. Padmanabha N. K. Member
6 Ms. Rakshitha Member


  1. College website  UG/ PG 
1 Ms. Nanda Kumari Co-ordinator
2 Ms. Ganavi Member
3 Mr. Ratan Member
4 Mr. Shrisha Naik Member

Chairman: Mr. Bhaskar Hegde


  1. SDM Social Responsibility Initiatives Committee

Duties: Internal: Social, Spiritual and Scientific lecture series, Civic awareness programmes 
External- SDM Social responsibility series, Extension activities related to Environment, Health, Education, Nation building and Swacch Bharath related activities, Surveys related to social issues, and Consultancy.

1 Mr.Lakshminarayana K. S. Co-ordinator
2 Ms. Asha Kiran Member
3 Mr. Ganesh Shendye Member
4 Ms. Shakunthala K. Member
5 Mr. Madhava Holla Member
6 Ms. Shruthi R. Member
7 Ms. Krithika K. J. Member
  1. CO-curricular Committee -UG

Duties: Student Faculty, Student Lecture Series, Student Research  Projects, Short Term Certificate Courses, E-Lectures, E-Notes

1 Ms. Bojamma                 Co-ordinator
2 Ms. Fathima Safira Member
3 Ms. Shobha S. Member
4 Ms. Bharathi K. R. Member
5 Mr. Nataraja H. R. Member
  1. Anti-Ragging Committee- UG / PG
1 Mr. Keshava T. N., Principal Chairman
2 Dr. B. Ganapayya, Dean, PG Studies Member
3 Mr. Ganesh Nayak, Co-ordinator, Student Welfare Committee Member
4 Mr. Achyuth Kamath, Member, Discipline Committee Member
5 Mr. B. Rajendra Indra, Superintendent Member
6 Ms. Shashiprabha Jain (Parent) Member
7 Final Year PG Student(Male) Member
8 Final Year PG Student(Female) Member
9 Final Year UG Student(Male) Member
10 Final Year UG Student(Female) Member