Inauguration of CONCHEM (Consortium of Chemists) 2022-23

Youth that into the field of scientific research must try for the possibilities in expandingindustrial opportunities and step forward with practical knowledge to conquer success, said Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty, Principal. He was speaking to the chemists’ gathering at the inaugural function of academic activities of Department of PG Studies and Research in Chemistry for the year 202-23 under the banner CONCHEM, (Consortium of Chemists), the departmental association of PG Chemistry department, on 12 December 2022. Knowledge and skills acquired by the young chemists will definitely help in bringing out higher opportunities in the field of industrial research and the students should dream of becoming an entrepreneur during their studies itself, he added, in his inaugural speech.

Chief Guest of the programme was Dr. Gururaj M. Shivashimpi, Founder, CEO & Head Chemistry Operations, SudhiShubhaChemsynthons LLP, Bangalore. He said, Students, the budding chemists have to be ambitious and curious enough to know the recent advancements in the field of Chemical Sciences and the knowledge they gain through such interests would knock open newer opportunities as soon as they finish their higher studies.

President of the programme Dr. Vishwanatha P, Dean, PG Studies and head of the Department PG Studies and Research in Chemistry, urged the students to make best use of opportunities on their way and to make active participation in all activities to be conducted in the year 2022-23.
Dr. Nefisath P, Assistant Professor and Secretary- CONCHEM, delineated the aims and activities of the association and also welcomed gathering and introduced the Chief Guest. Student, Ms. Eden Sinchana D’Souza narrated the programme and Mr. Ashoka, Assistant Professor and Joint Secretary- CONCHEM, proposed vote of thanks. Earlier in the programme Glimpses of previous academic year’s activities were screened before the gathering. First issue of the wall magazine ‘ELIXIR’ of the academic year 2022-23 was inaugurated by the Chief Guest during the occasion.