(Affiliated to Hampi University)
Executive Summary

Dr.HaMaNa Research Centre, established in 2006
Research programmes

  • M.Phil.
  • Ph.D.

Approved for research programmes in departments like

  • Kannada
  • History
  • Development study
    (Economics, Sociology, Political Science, Social Work, Commerce)


    • Ph. D. Programmes
Programmes Total Languages History Development Study
Ph.D. Registered 56 29 09 18
Ph.D. Completed 25 15 03 07
Ph.D. Submitted 01 00 01 00
Ph.D. Ongoing 18 08 02 08
Ph.D. Drop-out 07 06 01


    • M. Phil. Programmes
Programmes Total Languages History Development Study
M. Phil. Registered 16 11 01 04
M. Phil. Completed 14 10 04
M. Phil. Submitted
M. Phil. Ongoing
M. Phil. Drop-out 02 01 01


Dr.HaMaNa Library

      • Books donated by Dr.HaMaNayak                – 27,000
      • Books added                                                   – 01,158
      • Total books in Ha.Ma.Na Library               – 28,158


    • Programmes conducted
      1. Research Methodology Programme                  – Conducting every year
      2. Review of the progress of Research                  – Ph.D.
                                                                                        (Conducting once in every 6 month)
      3. ‘SHODHA’ (Recognised by UGC)                    –  Biannual, Bilingual 
                                                                                        research journal
    • Director                                                                         – Dr. S. D. Shetty
    • Co-ordinator                                                                  – Dr. Divakara K.

List of Ph.D Awardees

Sl.no. Name Candidate Ph.D Topic Research Guide Ph.D awarded date
1. Dr. Arun Prakash Role of Mass In Arecanut Marketing and Rural Development Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty 06.09.2011
2. Dr. Yogish Poojary K. Dynamism in Thenkutittu Yakshagana Theatre- A culture Study Dr. Thalthaje Vasantha Kumar 06.09.2011
3. Dr. Shankaranarayana.K A Study of History Myths Legends and Oral Tradition in the Plays of Girish Karnad Dr. H. Madhava Bhat 12.10.2011
4. Dr. Divakara.K Annually Celebrated Rituals of Tulunadu Cultural Study Dr. S. D. Shetty 12.12.2011
 5. Dr. Rajesh B. Dissenting Voice in the Works of K.T. Gatti Dr. Taltaje Vasantha Kumara 05.06.2012
6. Dr. Malini Achar B A Critique of the Creative works of Shashi Deshpande and vaidehi With A Special Focus on Rewriting Myths Dr. H. Madhava Bhat 02.04.2012
7. Dr. Vijaya Kumar M. Havyaka Short Stories in Kannada-A Cultural Study Dr.Sridhar  H. G. 28.02.2012
8. Dr. Prakash Rao M. Nature and Problems of Vegetable Marketing in Udupi District (A Case Study of Matti Gulla) Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty 17.05.2012
9. Dr. Shankara Patali Y Flori Culture: Jasmine Cultivation-Present and Future-A Comparative Study of Dakshina Kannada and Udupi District Dr. B. Prabhakara Shishila 21.03.2012
10. Dr. Gurudas S.P. The Presentation of Bhakthisutras in the Compositions of Poet Saints of Kannada- A Study Dr. E. Mahabala Bhat 28.11.2012
11. Dr. Sulatha Vidyadar Various Dimension Of Women Culture as Expressed in the Stories of Coastal Women Writers Dr. Shridhara H. G. 28.11.2012
12. Dr. Prathima P.S Conflict Between Colonial National Economics: Kodagu-Canara Economic Riot Dr. B.  Prabhakara Shishila 29.11.2012
13. Dr. Ganesh Ramachandra Bhat Phenome-Letter-Alphabet(Comparative Study of Kannada-Sanskrit) Dr. E . Mahabala Bhat 28.06.2013
14. Dr. Narayana Moorthy k Yakshagana of Karavali Karnataka and Shri Krishna Parijata: A Comparative Study Dr. S. D. Shetty 28.06.2013
15. Smt.Yashoda Cashew Industry: Present Problem and  Future Prospects :A study of D.K.District Dr. Prabhakara Shishila 27.07.2015
16. Dr. Basthyam Pais A Culture Study of Puttur Dr. Sathyanarayana Mallipattana 15.02.2016
17. Dr. Tandel Suresh Manjunatha Culture and Economic history of Harbours in Karnataka (From Early Period to 1400 A.D) Dr. K. Mohanakrishna Rai 18.02.2017
18. Dr. Savitha Problems and prospects of Rubber Plantation.                       A Case study of Dakshina Kannada District Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty 06.01.2018
19. Dr. Dhaneshwari A Study of Present and Postnatal Maternal Mental Health and Development Dr. Prabhakara Shishila 03.03.2018
20. Dr. Dinesh K.S  Kannada Criticism in the new century: Trends (From AD 2000-2010)  Dr. B. P. Sampath Kumara 16.10.2018
21. Dr. Naganna D.A Texture of Kodaga’s Culture in Kannada Literature Dr. B. P. Samapth Kumara 25.01.2019
22. Dr. Narasimha Moorthy Historicale Elements in Oral Sources (With Reference to Tumkur district) Dr. Ganapathi Gowda  S. 25.09.2019
23. Dr. Amrutha Rashmi Fernandis The Nature of Tulu-culture in Representing the narrative Literature of Tulunadu Dr. Sreedhara H. G. 23.01.2020
24. Dr. Prabhata.B. Socio-Economic Study of Tulunadu under Keladi Rule Dr. Ganapati Gowda S. 01.09.2020
25 Dr. Praveen Kumar Europe Travel Stories in Kannada Dr.Sharath kumar T. K. 30.9.2021

List of On Going Ph.D Scholars

Sl. No. Name Candidate Registration Number Registration date Registration Year Subject Research Guide Ph.D Topic
1 Suveer Jain HSUDS-00229 24.09..2012 2012 Development Studies Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty Study of Training and Development in Rudset
2 Kumaraswami Y. C 140801020008 25.09.2014 2014 Kannada Dr. T .K Sharath Kumar Kannada Dalitha Kavya: Nudichitragalu Tathvika vishleshane
3 Chandrahasa P. 1608010200047 15.12.2016 2016 Kannada Dr. K. V Nagarajappa The Form of Conflict and Compatibility in the Narrative Literature of Costal Karnataka ( A Study of Selected Short Stories and Novels)
4 Veena R 160801020049 15.12.2016 2016 Kannada Dr. Subramanya K A Comparative study of Sita’s vital role in the great literary works Sri Ramayana Dhrshanam and Uttarakanda
5 Yathish Kumar Rai K. 160801020048 15.12.2016 2016 Kannada Dr. Subramanya K. Comparative Study of Kannada Language Textbooks of Karnataka and Kerala ( High School Section)
6 Shivakumar P.P 160811020201 15.12.2016 2016 Development Studies Dr. K Venkatesh. Village Panchayath and Women Leadership with Special reference to Dakshina Kannada district
7 Manju R 170801020063 12.12.2017 2017 Kannada Dr. K. V Nagarajappa Travelogues in Kannada- Aspiration and Origins of Expressions
8 Harish Kumar 170807020151 12.12.2017 2017 History Dr. Suresh Rai K. Study of Daliths Contemporary Movements in Chickamagalore District
9 Manjula Yaligar 170807020150 12.12.2017 2017 History Dr. Appanna n Hanje Historical Study of Undivided Dharwad District During the Colonial Period
10 Hastha B. 170811020314 12.12.2017 2017 Development Studies Dr. Shalip A.P. Development: Women Health and Nutrition
11 Sharli Shnehalatha 170811020315 12.12.2017 2017 Development Studies Dr. Shalip A.P. The Life of the Migrant Women of Kerala ( with special reference to N.R. Pura Taluk of Chickmangalore)
12 Anadha M. 180801020085 01.12.2018 2018 Kannada Dr.Shreedhar H. G. Bharathisutara Sahitya Vividha Nelegalu
13 Mahaveera Jain 180801020087 01.12.2018 2018 Kannada Dr. B.P. Samapth Kumar Kannada Jaina Sahityadalli Kannadasiddantha
14 G. Sheelavathi  
2018 Kannada Dr. B.P. Samapth Kumar Sulliya Parisarada Kannada Kathana Sahityadalli Sthri Prathinidhikarana
15 Bhanuprakash B. E  
2018 Development Studies Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty Tax Prayer’s Investment Behaviours
16 Achyuth S Kamath  
2018 Development Studies Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty Literacy,Political Participation and Development
17 Nagaraju C.M  
2018 Development Studies Dr.N. T. Somashekaraiah Micro Finance and Women Development
18 Krishnamoorthy B  
2018 Development Studies Dr. A. Jayakumar Shetty Cashew Processing Industry: Transformation and Challenges