First prize for the play ‘Duta Ghatotkacha’

The play ‘Duta Ghatotkacha’ presented by the theatretraining centre of Ujire Sri DharmasthalaManjunatheshwar College  has won first place in the national level drama competition ‘Abhinaya 2023’ held at Jain University, Bangalore on February 10.Also, in the individual awards, Amit Kumar (First M.Sc. Chemistry) won the ‘Best Actor’ award for his portrayal of Duryodhana in the male category and Madhavi N.S. for the roles of Abhimanyu and Arjuna in the female category. (3rd B.A.) won the ‘Best Actress’ award and Shyam Prasad (1st M.A. Journalism) won the ‘Best Light Composition’ award.

‘Duta Ghatotkacha’ Sanskrit play by famous writer L. Translated into Kannada by Gundappa. The students have performed under the design and direction of Yashwant Belthangadi, Director of Theater Training Centre. Samarthan S. Rao has music direction.