Discipline makes a person a better person; Ashwith HR

It is necessary for students to imbibe good qualities like discipline, honesty, punctuality during their academic period. Ashwit H.R, Assistant Professor of Retail and Supply Chain Department of B.Voc and Member of Student Welfare and Disciplinary Committee of the College.

He was speaking at the recent orientation program for the first year students of Master’s Department under the Student Welfare and Disciplinary Committee of the college at the Seminar Hall. He said that the purpose of the Disciplinary Committee of the College is to create a good relationship between the students, the lecturers of different departments and the management of the college. Every student in the college premises is required to follow the rules of the college. Students should maintain cleanliness in the classroom and college environment. He informed that the students should not engage in any activities which may harm the college.

Dr. Naveen Kumar, Co-ordinator of Student Welfare and Disciplinary Committee and Assistant Professor of Post Graduate Chemistry Department gave an introduction about the college and explained about the annual activities, “Discipline makes a person a better person. S.D.M. Educational institutions are playing a great role in imparting valuable education to the students and shaping them into good people in the society,” he said.

Assistant Professor of Physics Department of Post Graduate Center Dr. Sahana K., Geeta AJ, Assistant Professor, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, Harshit Kumar Shetty, Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce, Madhura Gowda, Assistant Professor, Department of B.Voc Retail and Supply Chain were present.