B.Voc or B.Vocational courses are special courses ideated and sponsored (over conditions) by the UGC under the skill development program in India. These courses tend to the ever increasing professional demands posed by various industries, and aim to prepare students with a steep inclination toward practical and professional exposure right from the beginning of the course.

SDM College Ujire has been chosen to administer three B.Voc courses under the streams of Journalism, Computer Science and Commerce. The three courses are as follows –


Digital Media and Film Making

The entertainment industry in India expands by 12.5% every year, employing a staggering number of young people in a diversified set of designations. This course is designed to inculcate and practice expertise in the field of digital media – consisting social media and web content, and film making ranging from short films to feature films. A well established studio is already fully-functional at SDM College Ujire, which is upgraded to meet professional standards and demands of the course.


Retail and Supply Chain Management

Retail and supply management are amongst the fields facing the most pressure in the given context, owing to the drastic shifts seen in shopping trends all over the world. The forever booming industry welcomes job seekers with a plethora of opportunities and challenges, for which SDM aims to prepare and contribute competent individuals.


Software and App Development

Information technology has segregated itself into micro areas that demand expertise in even the smallest of parts of a smart device. Software expertise allows creation and creative exploitation of novel digital platforms which hold the potential to reconstitute existing trends and ideas in any field. This course is designed for the tech freaks who can venture to execute their wildest of digital dreams.


Practical exposure

An underlying condition of B.Voc courses is 25% theory and 75% practical exposure. To accommodate this condition, SDM has signed a number of MoUs with esteemed industries which have agreed to provide hands-on training and exposure to the students as they learn. This attribute prepares students to handle the transition from student life to professional life with ease, and encourage entrepreneurship.


Course duration

An added speciality of B.Voc courses is the liberty for the student to choose the duration of the course.

  • If the student opts to graduate and venture into the professional sphere within six months of the course, he /she will be credited with the expertise of ‘certificate course’.
  • If the student opts to graduate and venture into the professional sphere within one year or two years of the course, he /she will be credited with diploma certificate.
  • If the student chooses to complete the course of three years, he/she will be a B.Voc graduate.

(Possibilities for M.Voc (masters) will be delegated in the later stages.)

The certificates for the courses are credited by the Mangalore University.

Qualification for B.Voc courses is completion of Pre-University (+2) in any stream. Anyone willing to join the course with other higher degrees, complete or incomplete, will be allowed. Fee structure will be disclosed to students on request.

Interested students can contact Mr. Suveer Jain on 9880088705. You can also get in touch with us through the official social media pages of SDM College Ujire.