‘Gramswaraj awareness campaign’

The department of Political Science organized ‘gramswaraj’ programme at Dharmasthala village of Belthangadi Taluk Dakshina Kannada District on 13th Dec 2019.

The Gramaswaraj Awareness campaign was inaugurated by Sri Chandan Kamath, President, grama panchayat Dharmasthala.  Sri Umesh Gowda, PDO of the panchayath released the pamphlets of the campaign. Dr. Shalip A.P., HOD of the department presented the introductory note and explained the objectives of the programme.  Vice President and members of the panchayat were also present in the occasion.  

Hundred and fifty students were divided into 10 groups, fifteen in each group.  They visited more than 500 houses. The students explained the people about voting rights, gender equity, care of senior citizens, management of dry and wet waste, hygiene, ban of plastics, water conservation, prevention of food wastage, civic sense, participation in gramasabhas etc.

They also collected various complaints of the masses, listed them and submitted to the PDO for further action.

Mr. Nataraj and Mr. Laxmikanth faculty in the department were also present.

They covered Kanyadi 1, Kanyadi 2, Dharmasthala, Nariya, Pangala, Nadugudde, Nethravathi, Jodusthana, Posalike, Ajekuri, Kutadakallu areas.