Sri Siddhavana Gurukula was founded by the then Dharmadhikari Sri Keerthishesha Manjayya Heggade in the year 1940. It has total area of 73 Acres. Siddhavana, the modern re-creation of Gurukula, provides students with an education that prepares them for life ahead. The students are not only taught Indian culture, yoga, Sanskrit and the Gandhian way of life; but also jointly work on manage a farm to inculcate work ethos in them.


  • With tradition old system of Gurukula in India and Historical background of Shri Kshethra Dharmasthala our “Gurukula” strives to provide high quality education for deserved students of towns & cities in pleasant atmosphere & respected citizens of tomorrow.
  • By providing in depth knowledge of our country’s-religious, social and cultural values, which is quite essential for overall development of person, is thought at the student level itself.
  • by providing work experience in agricultural and animal husbandry activities, on which India is depending since age old tradition, each student will be benefited by practical knowledge of our age old tradition.
  • by taking part in different varieties of co-curricular & sports activities in  “Gurukula” , not only provides quality education but also helps in overall personality development of the student.
  • By gaining knowledge of Veda, Jain Dharshan & Sanskrit, by participating in various national & religious festival student will benefit as an nation loving & respected citizen of India.


  • Admissions are based on merit and the economic conditions of the students.
  • Representation is given to all religions and communities.
  • Representation is given to all religions.
  • Total number of students in Gurukula is 250.
  • New admissions depend on the number of outgoing students.
  • The objective of the Gurukula is to give life education.
  • Students are expected to work in the farm and maintain the dairy.
  • Students maintain coconut plantation of about 500 trees, Areca nut trees of about 500 along with various vegetables for the daily use.


  • Sick room with first aid facility
  • Guest room
  • In-door games hall, TT-board & Sports materials
  • T.V. Hall & music instruments
  • STD booth
  • Prayer hall, Kitchen, Dining hall, Steam cooking, Gobar gas plant, Generator, Bore wells.
  • Water filters with aqua guard.
  • Sound System
  • Library with 700 books, 2 monthly, 4 weekly magazines and 5 daily NEWS papers.
  • A car to help students in emergency cases during night.
  • A doctor visits every Saturday.


  • There  are 56 rooms, 36 bathrooms and 52 toilets
  • Every room is provided with lights and fans
  • Each Student is Provided with an individual table, chair, cot, cupboard and individual lamp
  • Every 5 students are provided with a toilet and bath room.


  • Guest speech is conducted regularly on every Wednesday
  • Bhajans are performed regularly on every Saturday
  • Cultural activities are conducted regularly on every Sundays
  • Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Bhagavad-Gita Pravachan
  • One of the students is made to speak on a selected topic on four days in a week